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Minecraft is the best open world game there is and nothing will ever surpass it.

Gamingtodaynews1e - Minecraft is the best open world game there is and nothing will ever surpass it.

Unless there is a Minecraft 2, but I highly doubt that will happen since it's easier and more efficient to just update the original game. But anyway, why am I talking about this? The answer is simple: The stigma of open world games.

Now I may sound like I am attacking open world games, but in actuality I like them, love some of them even. Unfortunately, there was a time (If it's not still happening) when both the industry and gamers were obsessed with open world games, bragging about creating the next biggest and always circle-jerking which game has the biggest map or the prettiest looking world, sometimes both.

However, of the dozens of open world games I played in the past decade, I would say only about 7-8 of them were actually good open world games. I'm not going to go into a list of the games themselves, but the common thing they all shared was a design philosophy when it came to their open world design; They designed the open world around the game, not the other way around like most.

Take Dying Light, a zombie survival game with parkour mechanics set in the fictional city of Harran, Turkey. DL's open world greatly benefits the player character's mechanics and abilities, allowing them to deal with the dangers of Harran in a lot creative ways using the environment around them. Eventually you get a grappling hook which greatly expands your parkour abilities and allows for faster traversal, making the downtime much smaller and therefor more fun to play the game.


With other open world games like MGS5, FFXV, and pretty much every Ubisoft game that comes out nowadays, they focus on size and scale rather than what you actually get to do in them. MGS5 has two open world maps, but in both cases it's just empty landscapes with not much to do them, the only real benefit being of how you approach the various outposts (Something Ground Zeroes accomplished without the need for an open world). FFXV has the Lucis Continent as it's open world, but you only get one city and one town to explore vs the several you got in past FF games (No, pitstops do not count).

So what does this all have to do with Minecraft? Well, Minecraft is this unique case of open world game design that not just makes it the best one out there, but also one that will never be surpassed. Yes, it is procedurally generated. Yes it is massive if not infinite in terms of size. Yes the vanilla graphics are extremely outdated. And Yes, the open world is mostly empty too and usually not that exciting.

But that's the beauty of it. As an open world game, Minecraft is extremely simple, yet extremely effective. Every single block that makes up the infinite world of Minecraft is interactable in many different ways, each one can be taken out and put somewhere else, and if a space is empty, you can fill it with whatever you want. Minecraft is simple and easy to run, highly moddable in many different ways, very interactive and near limitless in what you can do in it, and if the simplistic graphics bother you, you can use texture packs and shaders which usually don't require a whole lot to run to make it more prettier than usual.

Nothing will ever surpass Minecraft as an open world game, and that's not an opinion, that's a fact.

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