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Missing Features in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Gamingtodaynews1b - Missing Features in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The purpose of this post is to compile a full list of features missing from New Horizons on release. I have included when each feature was added into the game. Please feel free to comment below and I will add them to the list. I intend to update the list with each update.

Missing Features (Update)


– Upgrades to Nooks Cranny

– Shampoodle

– Kicks

– GracieGrace

– Police Station

– Post Office

– The Roost Cafe

– Club LOL

– Fortune-Seller’s Shop

– Reset Surveillance Center

– Happy Home Showcase

– Dream Suite

– Re-Tail

Missing Furniture/Sets

– Classical Set

– Modern Set

– Exotic Set

– Cute Set

– Alpine Set

– Modern Wood Set

– Sleek Set

– Regal Set

– Minimalistic Set

– Rococo Set

– Froggy Chair

– Mermaid Set (Summer Update Part 1)

– Pirate Set (Summer Update Part 1)

– Nintendo Items

Mini Games

– Animal Crossing Puzzle League

– Desert Island Escape

– Functional NES Games

– Balloon Hunt

– Bug Hunt

– Diving

– Fishing

– Gardening

– Fossil Hunter Tours


– Labyrinth Tours

– Ore Tours

– Hammer Tours

– Item Matching

– Hide and Seek

– Scavenger Hunt


– Wendell

– Reese and Cyrus (Spring Update – Wedding Event)

– Rover (Spring Update – May Day Event)

– Redd (Spring Update) Leif (Spring Update)

– Luna

– Tortimer

– Copper and Booker Pascal (Summer Update Part 1)

– Kapp’n

– Katrina

– Pelly and Phyllis

– Gracie

– Dr. Shrunk

– Lottie

– Blanca

– Lyle

– Brewster

– Mr Resetti

– Pete Serena


– Paintings in Museums (Spring Update)

– Bushes and Shrubs (Spring Update)

– Swimming (Summer Update Part 1)

– Diving suits (Summer Update Part 1)

– Sea creatures (Summer Update Part 1)

– Tortimer Island

– Fortune Cookies Renting Museum Exhibit Rooms Lockers

– Megaphone Tool

– Tricky Pitfall Seeds

– Pitfall seeds (Day 1 Update)

– Customisable Cut-out board/signs

– Gyroids Functional

– Part time Pourer

– Town Ordinances

– Perfect Fruit

– Fruits – Banana, Lemon, Mango, Durian, Lychee, Persimmon

– April’s Fools Day Event

– Ores/Gems

– Information Placards in the Museum Requesting Jobs from Villagers

– Medals

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