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Hi guys! I read some impression posts from other Redditors and decided to share mine as I think these experiences can help us give each other advice on things we're struggling with and perhaps encourage other people to try out the games we like. Disclaimer: I'm a veteran player of some of these games and in others, not so much and I will highlight the games in which I don't have that much experience in. Please be civil in giving your comments and tell me why *you* think the cons might not be cons! Let's get started:

Guild Wars 1: First MMO I ever tried, way back in 2007. Fell in love with it straight off the bat and love it to this day. Haven't played it for a while as I've been busy with other games but would *love* to find active people to play with. However, I wasn't able to accomplish much on my own as the game has a pretty high skill cap imo (which in no way am I saying is wrong) so I needed help with finishing all the main stories and even dungeons. The game is great to play both solo and with other people and it gives you heroes you acquire throughout the story, which are customizable and require a lot of micromanagement. PvP is the best among all the MMOs (that I have played, at least) with many different modes and group sizes.

PROS: great PvP, amazing story, great class mechanics/play, can play both solo and with other players, no servers so you can play with people anywhere, no overwhelming attributes/stats in gearing

CONS: outdated movement mechanics, no real "open" world, skills can be expensive to gather for the average player, character- specific "mega" titles

Guild Wars 2: Boy, I *do* love this game (mainly due to being a gw1 fan) but it sure does have its fair share of issues. I've racked about 4.5k hours in this game, playing it on and off since 2013. I absolutely loved HoT and Living World season 3 but after that, the story wasn't too exciting for me. The Endgame (T4 fractals, CMs and raids) could present a big jump for the average player from regular PvE content as you'd need to be pretty much geared in the BiS gear, which can be quite expensive and time consuming. One thing I will say is, though, I like how the story pretty much forces you to pay attention to dialogue and keeps you involved with real time voice lines, unlike other games where you can just press a button to skip through the dialogue. Overall, my most favorite MMORPG, just wish Anet could market it better and not rely on gemstore purchases that much. Fingers crossed for an influx of players in November.

PROS: the most dynamic open world out there, good movement and combat mechanics, mounts more than just means of transportation, account- wide achievements and titles, account- wide endgame progression, map- wide events that require player cooperation, build diversification and ability to play any class in almost every role, account bound gear, level and gear cap fixed, fun events, large scale pvp, huge squads in PvE allowed (50 people)

CONS: no player housing, important QoL items (e.g. teleport to friend) locked behind paywall (in contrast, ESO allows teleport to group member by default), WvW ignored for ages, raids could be considered too difficult for the average player to get into due to the one level of difficulty (this could be debated), crafting can be expensive, one outfit at a time

ESO: Not the most experienced player with only 1k hours but I generally love the game. Good story, great landscapes (Summerset ftw), lots of content to explore. I'm a huge fan of large scale PvP so I got into Alliance Wars right before lockdown but sadly, playing from OCE, I started having massive lag spikes and loading screens every few seconds in Cyrodiil, which turned me off the game as I wasn't too interested in PvE anymore. Even when Greymoor came out, I found it a bit underwhelming to get into.

PROS: good story, player housing, big world to explore, level- adjusted zones and quests, massive build and role diversity, raids and dungeons easy to get into, can do all crafting disciplines on one toon, allows for addons, good features such as travel to player, skins can be applied to any armor weight, account wide CP progression

CONS: Character- specific achievements (seriously, wtf), gearing can be a bit confusing, crafting can take ages due to trait research (1 month for a trait is unacceptable), way too expensive to get all QoL (crafting bag) features, janky combat mechanics, events kind of 'meh' at best, no 'one central' place for trade like swtor gtn or gw2 trading post but have to find which guild sells what you need


SWTOR: Been playing on and off almost since launch (~3-4k hours) and I gotta say, it's my second favorite MMO(RPG). The game is well- known for its good stories and that is generally that case, except for a couple. I love how much content there is in this game and I love working towards getting achievements in it. One thing i really don't like is (and this is due to me being a long term GW2 player), is that one toon can only be in one guild at a time. I prefer the ol' 5 guilds per account thing but that's just me, I guess. The best thing about this game (and you guys can tell me if other games have this) is the player housing. Strongholds are freaking amazing and decorating them is a ton of fun! Also, yay for gear finally being legacy bound and storage material, amirite?

PROS: best player housing (and variety of decoration), great stories, fun class play, raids and dungeons easy to get into, many events throughout the year, guild conquest, three levels of raids and dungeons difficulty, interface editor, romances

CONS: ever- increasing level cap, character- bound endgame progression, old maps becoming forgotten and ghost towns (Ossus, lol) due to previous gear being invalidated, dead open world, rigid trinity class structure, have to have guild permissions to summon players (which is a crazy good feature if it were available to everyone and took money out of the player's pocket and not guild)

Warframe: One of my most favorite games of all time with 2k hours. I love everything about it…honestly, the only thing I would change is the crappy UI that keeps "evolving" for no reason. Yes, it's grindy but so are most MMOs. I love looking for stuff (caches, in particular), I love maxing out syndicate standings, cracking relics, experimenting with builds, using the crazy weapons, playing every frame. At this point, I've collected every frame (just got Xaku's BP) and probably 90% of the weapons, have still a bit to go until MR29 but this game always makes me come back to it. I will try to give an objective review of the game:

PROS: insane parkour mechanics, cool guns and frames, lots to do, no fall damage, no servers so you can play with anyone anywhere, can adapt every frame to your play style

CONS: *can be* overwhelming and challenging for new players to play solo, lower MR players might be turned off by high MR's power creep, no real PvP incentive, *can be* unfun for high MR, experienced players to play with lowbies (especially if you're not the one- shotting kinda person), no raids, takes a fair bit of time to be strong

Destiny 2: Kept this one for last since it's the one I'm still more or less a rookie in (200-300 hours in lol, even through I've had it since it was buy to play on Bnet). I gotta say, the game looks good and feels good but coming from Warframe, I'm probably unable to give an unbiased impression of it as I *absolutely* hate the movement, especially the jumping (I'm a warlock if that matters). Funnily enough, this game seems way more repetitive than WF to me (last I played, during the bunker (?) event and the tower powering events, I had to repeat the same bounties again and again, which seemed a lot less fun than WF bounties. The guns are great but I hate that many of them require you to do lots of PvP and/or raids for one of the quest objectives. On that note, PvP and raids are *really* not easy to get into. Also, I find a lot of quest objectives are really unclear and you have to consult a guide for many things. The team sizes are also quite disappointing…3 people, really? I have more than 2 friends I wanna play with, I'd figured 4-5 was a standard for MMO teams. Overall, I find the game appealing and wish I could be more into it but at the same time it's very newbie- unfriendly. Finally, and this is just my personal beef with it so don't take it very seriously – falling through the map brings you back dead, which has been infuriating to me on many occasions…again, my personal thing, so I wouldn't put it as a 'con')

PROS: great look, fun guns, cool looking planets and factions, lots of different modes to play (PvE, few kinds of PvP, PvE – PvP mix) , some cool class abilities

CONS: 3 character limit, unclear objectives at times, challenging for newbies, small team size, no in- game communication (have to use the app for forming groups), PvP can be a disaster for less experienced players, dungeons and raids hard to get into

So, this is it. What do you guys love and hate about those games and if you think I'm being unreasonable, why's that? Again, be civil.

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