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Few key issues I want to discuss about 1. Pay to win 2. Lack of socializing and immersion 3. Pvp gap, need more skill based

  1. What do you think is a fair way of spending cash in game? Paying for stronger weapons/armor/skills that are unobtainable by f2p is not good for the balance. Paying for better cosmetic items that are unobtainable by f2p is also pretty bad in my opinion, as they defeat a huge sense of progression in most MMOs. Many MMOs become fashion wars at the end game and I feel like that is healthy as it keeps players hunting for transmogs. Paying to speed up progression is bad. Paying for certain convenience is a grey area, ex. offline player shop vs f2p having to be online. In my opinion, MMOs should be a struggle. In this struggle we keep our eyes on the prize and enjoy the journey.

2. Somehow need to humble ourselves online even though we are kind of anonymous. Some players don't care to interact with anyone unless absolutely required, and most of the times problems we face can be googled. Why is it that we keep to ourselves even though we are anonymous? Or why do we think we are too good to socialize with random people now?

How do we even have natural interactions? Like for example having party farming benefits is good, but people can just make smurfs to abuse it. Also, I feel like having a main character is important to keep immersion, and that smurfs kind of ruin the games. Most often smurfs are made to abuse certain systems, such as inventory slots, tradeable rewards, or party buffs. How can we discourage making smurfs so maybe players would rely on other players for buffs or other things?


If we can slow down progression, to encourage players to just hang out and talk in town? Or maybe sitting around a campfire with your party, each doing a little task that's not too complicated but takes some time?

3. I get that we want to feel way stronger as we progress in pve, but if we take the same skill set to pvp then the power difference is usually too much if your opponent is in a different level range. What if skills/equipments we acquire could have adjustable levels with different severity of drawback along with equal power increase? In such a system then it would allow players to make do with what they have at the moment, and rely on outskilling the opponent by synergizing with available options. This way, when we lose we know we can improve and that we won't just be like ok I will just face lower level opponents to flex my progression. Also, then builds could be more flexible as it's not just slotting in your highest level skill. Having a fair combat system opens up the opportunities for esports, which drives players and keeping your progression in the game relevant.

… Thanks for reading through, personally I am really reminiscing the "golden age" of MMOs. I hope a similar feeling could be felt through the new generation of games.

Please, let me know what your thoughts are. All feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated.

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