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MMO realization…

Gamingtodaynews1f - MMO realization...

Over the past month I've been playing or tried the following games…

WoW Classic WoW retail FFXI Eden Server Wurm Online Albion Online Lord of the Rings Online Dark Age of Camelot: Phoenix FFXIV

I have been bouncing back and forth between several of them and eliminating them, based on "fun.'

Wurm got thrown out pretty quickly, because it runs like crap, and I realized very fast that it's not so much an MMO, as it is one of those survival games like Ark or Atlas (who both do that better),

Albion seemed fun at first, but I honestly hate the top down/click to move model. So, nah.. pass.

FFXI Eden, I'm having fun there, even if it is excrutiatingly slow. I forgot how slow FFXI is, but I enjoy planning out my gameplay and everything you do feels like you accomplished something.. so we're keeping this one in for now.

Lord of the Rings online, seemed like a great idea, but then I realized just how similar to WoW it is, and then I realized that the "cash shop" is just kind of always in your face, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. The questing made me fall asleep earlier.. it's just not very exciting.

Dark Age of Camelot.. I'm digging this, because I never played it back in the day, and it feels difficult, and I feel like I have a goal of getting to RvR, so I have motivation to level. I like grinding mobs over questing, but I've been told I need to be grouping and so far have been unable to find any.

FFXIV… just WoW with a FF skin, with some better storylines, but with way more boring quests than LOTRO and the slowest tab target combat. I have tried so many times to get into this, and I just can't.. I wanted FFXI part 2.. and this isn't that.


WoW Classic.. I was enjoying this alot, until I started trying to group for things. The problem is, nobody groups.. it's all speed runs through dungeons. You might get lucky and find one on a weekend, but you're going to wait a while. I'm on right now, and the whole reason I type out this diatribe is because I've been sitting at the entrance to SM Cath right now for 30 minutes trying to find a group.. no luck so far.

WoW Retail… I hate dungeon finder, but.. I am now understanding more why it and other "convenience" things like it, exist. I can see how someone would rather login and actually be able to play a part of the game, vs. sit around and wait. We don't have as much time as we once had, and we can't spend our time waiting around.. But, you're thinking.. why are you playing FFXI then? Because, I believe that unlike WoW classic, people are still actually grouping.. so I'm waiting for a group, yes.. but I'm not waiting for a group because nobody is running groups, I'm waiting for a group because I'm just waiting for a group to need me.. there's a difference.

In retail, I get overwhelmed because there are TOO many things to do, and most of them have no bearing on anything, they are just fluff.. like mounts and pets and all of that stuff. They are fun to collect, but like.. I can't begin to tell you what I should be doing right now to prepare for Shadowlands and I don't even think I have enough time to complete it anyway, even if I wanted to. All of it will be obsolete soon anyway.

The point of this post was to say, in trying all of these games.. I realize that I love the social aspect of these games more than anything else, but I also understand that most of us don't have time to waste anymore, so I understand the need for features like Dungeon Finder.. as much as I hate them.

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