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MMO without hard stat progression – does it exist?

Gamingtodaynews1f - MMO without hard stat progression - does it exist?

I absolutely love the concept of the MMO genre. Open world PvP, resource management, guilds, freeform environments, economies, communities. Any and/or all of the above.

I've been trying to get into various games for years that would on-and-off be considered "MMO".

The only two games that ever came close to what I wanted were Face of Mankind (now deceased) and Planetside 1/2. The only flaw with Planetside I felt was a complete lack of PvE content as I'm not too fond of just constant PvP without a break.

The only thing that really puts me off seems to be fundamental to the genre – levelling.

I'm not going to go into great detail about why I dislike it. This isn't a rant post and I'm sure you get plenty of those, but a question as to whether or not what I want exists. I'm not dissing anyone else's preference.

But, it really comes down to three major elements:

  1. Repeating the same content over and over with no motivation other than getting closer to the end burns me out within a week every single time.

  2. PvP boils down to being either unchallenging or unrewarding because either me or my victim has a stat-based handicap based on gear score.

  3. Once I reach the top, if I ever get there, I quickly get bored of feeling like any further progress is just pointless. I'll never grind further than max level because I know the carrot will get pushed even further forward in the next expansion or content patch.


I want a game where I'm kept in-game by length of the story, unlocking side grades, experimenting with customization, etc is what keeps me going rather than an experience bar on a soft timer.

The two game examples I mentioned above were both exclusively PvP but something to that effect with a PvE element would be more or less ideal.

The only thing is, I just can't find one.

Edit: Just to clarify, this also includes chasing gear scores. Essentially, I'm looking for a game where human skill and/or social connections are the only thing holding a player back from completing content as opposed to a character spreadsheet system where a player with 200 character value points can one-shot a player with 5 character value points, and the reverse is not possible.

PvP is not necessary, specific themes/aesthetics are not important. Even FPS/tab-targetting/turn-based are not factors I hugely care about at this point.

I literally just want a game where skill is the only deciding factor in fairness and any progression is optional for side-grades or economic convenience.

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