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MMORPG 3rd person strategic game based on age of empire 2 game asset

Gamingtodaynews1f - MMORPG 3rd person strategic game based on age of empire 2 game asset

hello everyone , if you please give me few minutes to explain my idea

the short version- its similar to conquerors blade but with a lot of improvement

the long version

take the basic asset of age of empires 2 from unit models, to different factions buildings and use it in a massive open world world map where people in the beginning of the game choose one of the various factions in the game

you will be able to play the game in 3rd person,there will be no specific class which you start with, you could simply choose a weapon and have a specific skills tied to that weapon . you will be a commander of your small unit of soldiers, which you unlock them based on each faction unit roster as you progress in the game through playing , you basically purchase them with in game currency only after your hero reaches a certain lvl which enables you to unlock them, you will be able to command your units on the battlefield to defend, attack with you , you will also be able to use siege equipment on the battlefield in a massive 20vs20 battles

you will start the game in the capital city of your main faction which is controlled by a strong AI.
the capital will be a huge castle ,which has stable, market, barracks, siege workshop, archery range ,a place where you dual with other people, a place where you can bet who will win the duel

you will be able to craft your equipment there , your units equipment, your horse armor , your weapons and armor set


when you go outside the city, you will enter a strategic mode, where you see the world from above, you will be above to take your troops with you, gather resources for your capital , for materials needed to craft and upgrade your equipment , the map will be divided into different areas every area having access to different type of resources , guilds will be able to conquer a land and build a castle slowly,every faction will have building styles which suits their faction architecture , you will be able to build cannons, to defend the castle from enemy attacks which happen once every week and last for 3 hours

guilds among a specific factions will often fight to acquire lands from each other or do political treaty where they get access to enter these lands to gather resources

once every month the borders will open where guilds from other factions will be able to attack and invade your lands, destroying your castles, sacking your resources ,stealing research of new siege engine bp or new Armour or weapon,this invasion will last for 1 day ,every month, the factions if they manage to win by destroying the capital city, people who belong to that faction will have to pay taxes every day for the rest 30 days until the next invasion time, the capital city will be defended by players of that factions

so guys what do you think, i would love to hear your opinion ?

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