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MMORPG actually, and your opinions/recomendations

Gamingtodaynews1f - MMORPG actually, and your opinions/recomendations

Hi guys, I'm writing to you because tomorrow I'm starting my 1 month vacation and I want an MMORPG so I can play a lot and do things.

I've been playing Final fantasy 11 for more than 12 years, it's the definitive MMORPG PVE, but I want to change my mind and I see that the genre is VERY BAD, almost dead because of P2W or the absurd amount of life qualities, casual philosophies and boredom before the 0 challenge.

I don't care much about the graphics.

Do you know of any game, old or new, that can offer me a lot of community and challenging PVE? Immersive experiences with fun combat and many things to do?

I have played:

WoW: Content mostly casual, to get there and do all the time mithic+ which are the same heavy linear dungeons, the rest of the content is mostly lonely and unchallenged. WoW classic is not as horrible as retail…but it's still very poor for me.

FFXIV: The antiMMORPG. It is played 90% of the time alone and without challenge, dead world and without sense. All content is simple, limited. Dungeons are absurdly linear and easy, and the "challenging" content is based on locking yourself in 3 or 4 bosses until you learn their dance and that's it. Team progression is boring because of ILVL and no builds or variety.

TESO: The worst fight I've ever played in my life, I paid for it and I'll regret it all my life. It is inadmissible that a current game has those animations. It takes me totally out of the game. I find Ultima Online more attractive.

Guild Wars 2: All Classes Heal, Tank, and Hurt…not what I'm looking for. I want a variety of classes, plus fighting with that horrible system of physics where you seem to hit the air is not what I like. It lacks challenging PVE group content in addition to fractals.

Black Desert: It's horrible, you play ALWAYS alone, there is no group PVE content. Focused on P2W. It's the worst MMORPG I've ever played after FFXIV.

Lineage II: It's currently dead, the biggest P2W game ever. Also they have put "facilities" for the game to play itself…it's absurd.

Albion Online: On paper it's a good game…until you play it and realize that it's a tablet/mobile game. It's played MOBA style and I don't like it, I've tried but it looks horrible and I can't feel any immersion.

TERA: No content. It's just getting to the maximum level quickly in an absurdly easy way without any difficulty and Spam the same dungeons all the time without any sense. Absurd. 0 content.

Blade and Souls: The lack of healer and buffers/debuffers is bad…but the game is in such a bad state that even your own community recommends not to play it at the moment.


Darkfall: The robotic movement is horrible, the combat system is almost as bad as TESO. Also it's mainly PVP and very very little PVE.

Age of conan: Same problem with combat as Darkfall, TESO or Archeage. These people don't know what physics is? Also it has little variety of PVP and little interesting content. And the game is half dead, people hardly play.

Archeage: Horrible character movement, it seems that by hitting flies in the air. Little PVE challenging and interesting. A lot of PVP. Little immersive. I played a lot and the game has very little variety in interesting PVE, plus the endgame is…fooling around all the time in boring monsters.

Neverwinter: Absurdly easy, focused on playing alone most of the time. The dungeons were very good, but it had very little PVE content. It's a possible option if you talk to me very well about it…..but I think it was very P2W.

Astellia Online: Very generic. World without challenge and very boring. I left it because I didn't see community, I hardly played people. But if you tell me that there is a lot of PVE community, a lot of content and it's interesting and difficult to play.

Ragnarok Online: Not bad, but I'm looking for something that has more community, more raid/dungeon type events and hard and challenging content with guild and variety. Not a bad choice, but I'd rather look for another game.

Ultima Online: Not a bad idea, but it's a game mainly focused to play alone or in PVP. There is little in challenging PVE.

Dark Age of Camelot: This is a good option more or less. I liked how little I played but I gave it up because people told me it was mainly a PVP/RVR game, and PVE was anecdotal. So, do you recommend me to play it? There is a good community and people?

Everquest: It's also a good option. I played in the server mangler and I arrived some months ago to the lvl max, but my bad english and lack of good guild to help me to know the game made me to leave it, now maybe I could give it a new opportunity. What do you think? Am I still in Mangler (warrior 55)? Should I switch to Arundel? Should I play on the normal server?

I have played more MMORPGs, but these are the most notable. Do you know any that is medieval, has tanke, healer, buffer, debuffer….so variety of classes, and good PVE content that is challenging and focused on group play?

What game do you currently recommend?

Sorry for the long post, I'm waiting for your opinions and recommendations guys. Greetings 😀

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