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MMORPG Championship 2019 – Opinion based competition (video link in post)

Gamingtodaynews1b - MMORPG Championship 2019 - Opinion based competition (video link in post)

Hi all

After making so many videos discussing what's ruining mmorpg's, I decided to create a fun little competition for myself, taking 16 of the most popular games and placing them into an elimination style competition, with 15 matches resulting in a single winner.

I'll be presenting each match with a short video explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each game, and I'll be putting at least 200 hours into each game before I start grading it.

Games will compete head to head in 1v1 matches, graded on:

– graphics and style
– the leveling experience
– story and lore
– combat mechanics
– dungeons and raids
– player vs player
– additional unique elements

Here's the first match : TERA VS NEVERWINTER:


Match breakdown for those who can't watch the video:


TERA is a Korean game and is heavily influenced by eastern design, the anime style fights and overly sexualised characters may but some people off, but it's an absolute spectacle to watch, with stunning battles and building sized enemies.
Neverwinter is more western and grounded, drawing inspiration from classic dungeons and dragons designs, all the staples are there such as dimly lit taverns, rogues dressed in dark leather and knights in shining armour, it looks like a classic fantasy, and this makes it both familiar, but also limited.
Winner: TERA – Neverwinter looks pretty but can't compete with the huge world and varied locations of this overly styalized game.


TERA rushes you to endgame so quickly you don't have chance to breath, items you pick up become outdated within minutes and every level below 65 is utterly pointless.
Neverwinter goes slower but building your toon from the start does actually matter, you get to feel yourself advancing and getting stronger with each new ability.
WINNER – Neverwinter



TERA does indeed have a story and lore but you'll have to really search to find it, from pages on the wiki and backstory on the main website, there's an alien invasion, a girl who dreams reality and some classic global battle stuff, but it's not placing story as important at all.
Neverwinter however draws from 30 years of dungeons and dragons history and allows you to meet these iconic named characters ingame, and fight through famous locations you've read about before.
WINNER: Neverwinter


Both games are action combat so don't use traditional tab targetting, they both involve dodge mechanics and need fast reactions. TERA has a much larger hotbar allowing for more versatility in a build, and Neverwinter has a limited selection of attacks meaning your build is much more tactical, the winner has been chosen then on which uses the combat system to create the most stunning fights.
WINNER: TERA. Neverwinter is fun, but TERA is impressive.


Despite being called 'dungeons and dragons', Neverwinter features a suprisingly small amount of actual dungeons or dragons. Several years ago a large chunk of content was removed and never really replaced, TERA however has around 37 different instances you can adventure through and build you gear up from, so while Neverwinter does pull from D&D history, it doesn't match up to the sheer volume of TERA.


Both games do indeed contain pvp, however they're both dire at it, TERA pvp is a wasteland on the European server, and 'kumas royale' is an unforgivable joke. Neverwinter isn't much better as an extreme pay to win game.



14 Matches remain.

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