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MMORPG ideas: Modern warfare theme. ‘Shadow Team’

Gamingtodaynews1f - MMORPG ideas: Modern warfare theme. 'Shadow Team'

Shadow Team

You are the darkside of superpowers that people doest want to see, the shadow. According to the government you dont exist, a ghost. You get things done that cant be done by any special force.

You throw the regime, arms the rebels, assist the government, fund the freedom fighers, assassinate the vvips. You get dirty so the world stay cleans.

You create peace, you create chaos. You do all this to give balance to the world. There is fine line between right nor wrong. And you draw the line when you need to.

Type of Missions:

1.Kill mission.

The targets:

Scientist. To slow down the arm race between Superpowers.

Politician. To install our puppet.

Kill VVIP. Like journalist,etc.

Types of assassination

  1. Brutal kills. to scare the others.
  2. Covert kills. the target just disappear
  3. Normal killing. headshot/car bomb,etc

  1. Kidnap mission.

Target: Scientist, politician, VVIPs

  1. Proxy wars

Assist the foreign government/freedom fighters mission

Offensive mission:

Destroy the rebels force in the area. Capture the compoud or town.

Defensive mission:

Hold the area/town from the rebels attack.

and vice versa

  1. Rescue mission

Rescue the target from one location and escort to the safezone.

Example rescue president from rebels attack. or rescue kidnapped victims, or hostages.

  1. Raid mission

raid a compound/building.

it has several options. Neutralize all target (no witness), spare the innocent, only kill the hostiles, capture the target alive. Depends on the client interest.

  1. Arms the allies

Enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Arms the rebels, arms the government, depends on the client interest, so they will do the work for you.

escort the weapons cargo.

  1. Sabotage missions

False flags. Create chaos and blame on the enemy. Spark the civil wars.

Example, snipe shoot the protester at the rally and blame the government.

Use the chemical weapons and blame on the government.

Kidnap and kill civilians and blame on the government.

  1. Body guard.

Protect the client from danger

  1. Retrieve items

Raid an enemy weapon cargo.

  1. Deliver items

Deliver important packages.

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