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MMORPG with open-world PVP suitable for beginners?

Gamingtodaynews1g - MMORPG with open-world PVP suitable for beginners?

Figured I'd ask for you guys' thoughts and wondering if I could get a recommendation on an MMO.
Disclaimer; I'm a complete newbie to actual PVP, and currently have a very low opinion of it and MMOs' PVP communities as a whole due to the whole zerging/ meta/ ganking mentality. I'm trying to broaden horizons, so to speak.

I'm looking for an MMO that has.. decent PVP, but would be easy for a beginner to start out in, and if possible, not *too* punishing for a PVP-newbie's idiocy. Class amount, race amount, blah-blah, doesn't matter.
Simply looking for an MMO with beginner-friendly PVP, where there is a rather low risk of getting zerged or gangraped by much higher level players who camp spawn points or loot my body bone-dry the second I step into the 'assigned PVP territory'.


I've played ESO, and GW2, but those require stupidly precise builds that take a long while to be built, i.e. raid/ trial gear, otherwise, you are basically completely useless trash. I fear the same would be the case with WoW.

Am I out of luck? Or.. are there any current MMOs out there that'd match my preferences?

Also, please. If you're just going to say 'Just get better at PVP', or 'lol git gud', take a hike. That literally doesn't help me. I'm looking for legitimate answers.

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