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MMORPG’s and Gaming Stagnation in 2019, Who Will Save Us?

Gamingtodaynews1b - MMORPG's and Gaming Stagnation in 2019, Who Will Save Us?

"We live in a world overflowing with beautiful, dead masterpieces."

Will we be destroyed by our lack of historical insight regarding the

successes and failures of past gaming franchises/online universes?

Can mobile gaming truly pull gamers away from desktops and consoles,

enough to destroy the possibility of investors focusing on larger titles?

Do you shed a tear when you remember great universes and how

they will never be around again to provide purpose and enjoyment?

It seems the age of MMORPG's is petering out, as our old friends (dead mmorpg's) are finally kicking

the proverbial bucket and old legendary games are finally falling away in the depths of time.

The era of having access to dozens of *populous* online worlds has been out of reach

for quite some time now; not to mention, all of the current blockbuster MMORPG's share the

same old formula (albeit, those with housing elements and social sim. are doing fine.)

It is a sad day when I can say: the future of consumer technology and virtual entertainment

has been sacrificed for the world of commercial exploitation and get-rich-quick schemes.

People simply cannot risk creating a world based on original themes.

Why make a game based around a beautifully-crafted fictional narrative when you can slap orcs,

furries, and elves in a poorly-built fantasy world, and trust it will rake in millions on launch (ie. BLESS.)

Will gaming end with the pipe-dream of elementary "VR" headsets as people

go back to living normal lives, finding no time to buy consoles or gaming PC's?

In 1980, living in a matrix was a beautiful dream held in the palm of many creators

and brilliant artists, those who truly kicked the gates of possibility wide open for the current generation.


What do we have to show for that progress? Some weak expansions?

Where is the line drawn for developers? Cost of upkeep, or cost of production?

It seems more developers believe they must spend millions on formulating a MMO, before server costs.

What good is this money for if it goes to waste as games die due to neglect and lack of content?

Why settle for more theme-park RPG's with fetch quests and grind-oriented content?

Who will be our saving grace in this time of great need?

I think back to revolutionary games such as SWG, Anarchy Online, and EverQuest.

Comparitively, these games of the early 2000's *are* still on-par in terms of quality and

content with most mmorpg's on the market today, and cost less to produce (before server costs.)

————–Some things to discuss/think about—————–

  • What upcoming MMORPG's do you believe will change the market?
  • Which MMORPG's were your favorites over the years?
  • Do you think we truly live in a world of "modern" gaming, based on currently-accessible softwares?
  • Do you believe augmented-reality could revive the world of MMO gaming?
  • Will PC mmorpg gaming be defeated by mobile MMORPG's? (Very Possible)
  • If you could have any online universe to live in, what would it be like and how would it be played?
  • Where did the era of PVP action mmorpg's go?
  • Could someone develop a world larger and greater than any other MMORPG's, for less than 150,000 dollars?
  • Would you invest 10 dollars to realize a to-scale earth-sized 3D isometric mmorpg with grand-strategy PVP and social simulation elements?
  • Will MOBA's and 1v100 games damage a prospective future developments for RPG's?


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