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MMORPGs in the old days (pre-WOW) were the GOAT. I find little interest in gaming nowadays.

Gamingtodaynews1e - MMORPGs in the old days (pre-WOW) were the GOAT. I find little interest in gaming nowadays.

Not going to make a massive post, just a mini kind of rant/argument, that I think many who played games in the "old" days will understand.

Nowadays it seems there is 2 types of games:

  1. MMOs which have pretty much gone the F2P/themepark route: These are games where you can sink countless hours, but they're pretty much linear/grinding/etc, with little interesting mechanics to them. When they're F2P it's even worse, you pay to unlock items, play some half assed multiplayer mechanics (pvp), etc. Game usually feels soulless, doing quests (often everything is soloeable now) just to grind and access P2W endgame.
  2. Instant gratification games: These are all the other games. FPS games, survival games, adventure/platformer, you name it. It's all about getting in, having fun & raising those dopamine levels, and getting out.

But here is what I miss about old games, single player but really especially MMOs. My experience is mainly based on 3 MMOs I played a lot:

  • Dark Age of Camelot.
  • Star Wars Galaxies.
  • Neocron.

What I loved about these old school MMOs was:

  • You had to cooperate/do multiplayer to advance. The PVP/PVE element was huge, so you had to cooperate to succeed. It was a slow burn of levelling your character, joining a guild, etc, but you had a real feeling of belonging and achievment at the end.
  • Massive world to explore. No fast travel unless you usually reached the new area.
  • Player Killing. In all these 3 MMOs, some dude from another faction could go to your area, and gank players. In games like DAOC, which really built the "you fight a war against another faction/foreigners" element, that made it very exciting. There were no safe areas, etc.
  • No garbage "pay X to get X items" or "buy coins" ads everywhere in the HUD. You bought the game, you got the game.

IMHO, casuals & the profit focused industry killed lots of gaming. If I may make an analogy, it's like if they turned slow food into fast food.


I used to be so excited about login into an MMO or game, BECAUSE of these experiences, of bonding with other players, fearing getting ganked, etc. By making games such a streamlined experienced requiring 10 IQ and made for players who just want the gaming equivalent of playing casino games after work, they effectively killed gaming.

Honestly, I still love gaming even if I'm older now. If the games had the same quality as back then, I would game like crazy. But I feel I'm just paying to get f**** today. There's basically no quality exciting MMO on the market (its a dying genre), and games getting pumped out today are just CSGO or COD type fast burn shit.

What I loved about a game is the same I loved about a fantasy novel or film: getting immersed into a different world, building connections with players, cooperating, etc. It was intensely fulfilling. Games that give that feeling are gone today.

Nowaday, games are full of payable content, or are play and forget games. There are very little games where you would willingly sink hundreds of hours.

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