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MMORPGs like Ragnarok, Trickster Online, GW2

Gamingtodaynews1b - MMORPGs like Ragnarok, Trickster Online, GW2

I usually like to play as a mage/healer/ranger/long-range character and a character that has pets (like in GW2's ranger pets). Does anyone have any suggestions?

I feel like iRO (Ragnarok) is dead and stagnant–the person writing the comics and the story for the game gave up and that annoys me a lot. I have a rebirthed Professor (working on getting it to become a sorcerer) since I really liked the Sage / anti-Wizard idea / and also from the Ragnarok anime, Takius, lol. I haven't logged on to Ragnarok in a while. I know grinding in some way is ubiquitously present in games depending on your perspective–but I feel like GW2 had a nice balance to it that kept their content fresh and interesting to me. (I have several level 80s on the account. Also, for example, the developers of the game also revamp/balance the characters usually, so I feel like there's some communication between the community and the developers at least–which I find important.)

I feel a bit jaded by Asian MMORPGs–I don't think they're as good and they don't seem to listen to their playerbase as much compared to companies like AreaNet(?). Shrugs Oh well. There are some things in Ragnarok that bother me, like how Sorcerer's summons seem to require reagents (the elemental crystals) which make it a bit more "expensive" to use, kinda like how Runescape requires runes (which is also $$) and that sort of takes the fun away for me sometimes. (Alas, AFAIK, there have been no new updates or revamping or balancing of the characters in iRO — I would love to see something fresh and new in iRO, but I must digress.)


Trickster Online is dead/cancelled–but it wasn't really all that good either now that I think about it. Yes, I know there are private servers, but I'm not interested. I wish they had let the Dragon (male magic character) use both light and dark magic and the Sheep (female magic character) use all the elements (water, fire, electricity, earth, wind) instead of just two. (E.g., water-electricity 4 magic 4/3 sense 1/2 charm 1 power was a common combination, for exampls. Or, air-earth 4 magic 2 sense 3 charm 1 power for the air-earth combo since it didn't require as much magic accuracy and just needed more HP to tank for its AOE skill set.) Oh well. I remember that the downfall of Trickster Online was when it started to seem a bit too much on the pay2win side IIRC(?). I used to play Vindictus too–but I stopped playing–I feel that those Korean MMORPGs or Nexon as a publisher are notorious for pimping out a game. I read that some cash cow director got a hold on Vindictus (same one that had Maplestory at some point IIRC), the original director stepped down to work on somd other project (presumably Mabinogi 2, but I think I read rumors that the team or project was disbanded and became Black Desert Online/the people in that developing team moved to BDO) and that was also around the time Vindictus had put in those cheesy pets in the game. Oh well.

Edit: List of MMORPGs I'vd tried that I didn't mention (or as much)–

Mabinogi (it's ok. It feels a bit dead/ nasty-ish toxic community sometimes, good and bad memories here. Nexon-ish problem too, lots of microtransactions for petty things.)




WoW (I had a friend who dragged me in for a time for the expansion that included the new Demon Hunter(?) class(?))

I'll update this list later perhaps.

tl;dr — currently playing GW2 when I have some free time. I like it so far, but I'm just curious about other MMORPGs/suggestions. I ranted about iRO and Trickster Online and Vindictus.

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