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MMOs are dying

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You ever play a game that hooks you in so hard that you grind out to be at the highest level possible ? Get into a story that at some level touches your inner soul ? And after all this work, and grind and play you find that at the end there is more to offer ?

Welcome to MMORPGs.

Something needs to be said about this ever growing , eventually fall on its face , genre . I played a many MMOs . And it’s alllll the same ( WoW classic was my first many years ago ) . It felt , different , at first . So fresh , so ever growing . It felt like the normal rpg, but others were there with you . To help with the baddies you couldn’t beat on your own , tools of the trades , the ever changing and evolving worlds and social spaces . It . Was . Awesome .

Fast forward a few years .

There are many of these types of games out there .

You start some where .

Specify your character .

Skip all the cut scenes .

And hours upon hours later , You’re at the end game , which was the goal from the start .

You grind the levels , raids , what have you .

You get the stuff you want from the end game experience .

You play a different game, and for many , you do not return . Until….a dlc comes forth .

More levels , more raids , more ENDGAME. More grind . More money and time invested into a game you’ve already completed .

On all characters . ( or not , I usually get bored after one or two .)

More . Of . The . Same .

What cut scenes? I skipped those so many times my thumb is on the skip button autocratically .

What’s the story ? Who cares I almost have the raid set I want on the ( Insert number of ) character(s) I want .

It’s a tangled web we weave . I’ve played many of these on multiple platforms .

I started somewhere , don’t care where , and ended up where i wanted to be . The journey there , I forget , while I was there , was fun while it lasted : now I’m on to the next .

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I spent a long time trying to find something that fills that MMO need in my soul ( after wow ) . All I find , is really good games , stories ( skip cutscene ) and endgame that eventually ends . And the # of hours to get there ( sometimes MANY) not …. really full filling . MMOs are built upon the concept of the endgame . But what if the journey there ..: well sucks ? What if you get to the endgame , and after a few raid runs or what have you , you have everything you want ? Or you get bored ? Or lost because you skipped all of the cut scenes ? What if your friends are playing something else ? Make new ones ? Or play what they are playing ??

MMOs are a GREAT concept , and there are some really good games out there . But I have spent months trying out new ones to get my addiction into , and I feel …. like I’m playing the same game . Just different platforms , publishers , maybe even genre . But , nonetheless, same game .

Being an avid destiny player , this worried me. Since they want to go full MMO, I’ve seen where this goes . And that’s me go a different game .

But not only does it complement its diversity as being a first person shooter , it is also an action game ( Supers) with massive rpg mechanics . Bungie want to go full MMO. That’s a great idea . Except the fact that everyone else … is an MMO. The only thing they have going for them … is the fact that you can skip forward the story , and the majority of the grind for levels . You still have to level up , and grind to get raid ready . But it’s not as bad . Not as bad as the other big budget , money making MMOs that make you start from scratch . From Nothing . And in return , in the chase to endgame , you bypass some (possibly) good story and narratives along the way to get where everyone else is at .

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I’m sick of the same . Not the same game . The same genre . If the end game of an MMO is where the s-**ts af , why the hell am I playing the rest of the game I just skipped over ?????


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