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More games like RIFT… Description got kinda long

Gamingtodaynews1g - More games like RIFT... Description got kinda long

RIFT had a really good crafting system that I liked :/
I think it was like 5 crafting classes but u could only choose 3? So that not everyone can just make everything and the eco doesn't crash as fast?

This post got long after a few mins of typing btw lol, you have been warned
N yes, a few mins (80wpm) 😉

You could skin just about everything u killed that was an animal, mob drops were actually materials used for crafting armor or just quality of life stuff like an extra bag that opens in a separate box alongside your regular inv box or thigh guards that give you 10 mvspeed (also available for your mounts?) (Leather making or something like that?)

You could breakdown old gear as you get better ones to get materials from it n make runes out of the magical essence that could then be put onto your gear OOOOR your allies gear to add a bit of stats like DEF, ATK, MP (Runescraft?)

And then there were a lot of plants to gather for potions which should b self-explanatory (Apothecary).

Not even including whatever the cooking class is called (food?) that didn't count as one of the three; exp boost, fishing boost, atk buffs, just buffs of all kinds all around. Some healed as well as buffed
Basically if someone in ur party crafted food, you should expect a sit-down before a raid/pvp fight or during some would run out of combat range/aggro and would recover hp for few mins

I would make food that would change my physical appearance into a beginner mob (summerfish event), swim over the toxic thorns to the opposite factions land n scare newbs by stunning them and disappearing when they confused me for their "kill this" quest mob… The gud old days

Didn't even see it coming but apparently, a bad move was made by TRION or whatever company owned it then, n all it took was an update n then a few patches after to destroy this mmo. Came back after almost a yr n its ghost town.. So here I am looking for another

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Currently playing Archeage but the crafting is… meh. Might b bcuz it doesn't teach you any of it, the workbenches are just.. there.
You walk up to one, interact and BAM everything all at once! Endgame gear with endgame requirements to craft what you're looking at. Meanwhile you still lvl 10 n don't know what the f ur looking at for the items required to make anything, all you have is raw stone you decided to mine for no reason at a mountain n don't know what to even do with that!

The only thing done right is the freedom of classes, simpl yet complicated


I'm probs ranting but never was I not doing something to make/do these things, I actually got materials as I played, found bushes to harvest as I adventured, skinned animals as I killed mobs in higher lvl areas

I'm thoroughly disappointed that a game like BDO is considered better just because it's newer and has more pop…
Let's face it, its an afk leave-your-pc-on simulator and this "population" that exists is just a bunch of player-made NPCs that you can't even interact with (some might get this)

You can probs tell that I decided to get BDO as my 1st mmo attempt after RIFT.. yikes
There are going to b those that say "the game is an afk simulator if u decide to play like that"

Just face the facts, the only way to b relevant is to join in on the afk, you could do the same by doing it actively yes, but stats show its not as effective, thus making you irrelevant as others surpass you while u do the "fun" way… its just grinding guys, its an asian mmo, don't sugar coat it. N don't get me started on crafting… Just.. don't

Turns out I got myself started on it from just thinking about it… HOURS TO MAKE TOOLS?! LEAVE UR PC ON TO BURN TO GATHER RESOURCES?!
I rest my case

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Not having an mmo to play does things to/can change a man lmao..
Send help, in the form of mmos plis

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