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More people need to try Project Gorgon.

Gamingtodaynews1b - More people need to try Project Gorgon.

Since Project Gorgon was on sale I thought that I have no excuse to not try it out. Originally I was put off by the graphics and the small team size but the moment I entered the game I've been having an amazing time, the community is friendly, it has in-depth RPG elements, well written characters and classes that feel unique and are fairly balanced.

There is 18 basic combat classes and 7 animal classes that you can transform into and you pick two of them to make you're "Class" and you can swap between them and level them up whenever you want. Yes you can run around as a Cow Necromancer summoning undead and mooing at people or you can even be a rabbit that uses ice magic.

The game has a unique Favour mechanic with NPC's where as you do jobs for them and give them gifts they are willing, they react positively or negatively depending on what actions you perform around them and some people won't even talk to you if you haven't had a bath.

As you gain favour with NPC's they are willing to buy more of your stuff, some let you store stuff and their houses and others will even teach you their skills and will give you a new class. Unlocking skills is really fun in this game and feels like their own adventure one of the early examples of this is bards.

The adventure to unlock bard took only an hour tops but it was fun and a good example of what getting skills is like. Firstly I found the person who would teach me how to be a bard, as a did a few jobs for him and gave him some food I was finally liked enough from him to learn how to be a bard but I then found out that I needed to know how to play a lute and needed a high enough skill in stringed instruments.

After a bit of searching I found someone that sold me a lute. After equipping the lute I unlocked a stringed instrument skill line that let me play music so I decided to plant myself in the middle of town and just start playing it. As I played a group started to form around me and other people started playing instruments like harps and drums and eventually I was leading a full on band in the middle of down with our of dancers (Yes that's a skill too) As we played music I noticed that I got XP buffs from the music and dancing and I later found out that every skill is useful in it's own way.


Originally I was going to afk while playing a loot for easy levels but the community was so fun to talk to that I actually forgot what I was there for. I only needed a level 5 in stringed instruments but by the time I left not only was I level 10 in it but I was also level 4 in dancing. That is how I became a bard.

Since the game is currently on sale I met two other new players and we decided to do a dungeon together, as we got to the last boss it dropped a strange scroll and little did I know there was this strange talking crystal in the next room who wanted it and as a reward for giving it to him he taught me necromancy.

What I'm trying to say is that there is a lot of love and a lot of depth put into this game that we don't see anymore, the price might be a bit steep and the graphics might be outdated but it's worth a chance. Since most of the game is finished they have started working on the graphics. they plan on releasing the game with the earliest release being late 2020 and the latest being mid 2021. It might be an expensive game but it's worth the price tag, there is no in-game shop and it's currently a 1 time payment.

Every week there is high upvoted posts on
MMORPG - More people need to try Project Gorgon.

r/MMORPG asking for a game like this and yet most people don't give it a chance, if you're not sure about putting so much money down for the game I believe they have a demo version of it that shows the early levels of the game and what to expect.

Project Gorgon - More people need to try Project Gorgon.

TLDR: This game is criminally underrated for such a good game and more people need to try it and it is currently on sale at the time of this post.

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