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Mortal Online 2: The Stress Test Experience

Gamingtodaynews1f - Mortal Online 2: The Stress Test Experience

I jumped into mortal online 2 tonight. I was impressed right away by the character creation there were three races humans, elves, and some sort of monkey people. Each of these races could be altered further by choosing different lineages. These things are all in addition to your normal slider options. What stands out though is the fact that I could not only make my toon fat I could make him old and shiny too. Thats right kids fat, old, and shiny.

I started the game as everyone does being dropped into the word not knowing how to control anything. I pressed random buttons to see what menus would pop up reading through the many skills the game offers. I walked around a little pressing E trying to talk to people when the proper button was R. I eventually talked to the battle trainer and he told me how to take out my weapon which was X. I then set out on my adventure.


I am going to start off by saying that the world looks great, and I felt right at home in it. It was like I was playing morrowind with much better textures. The skill gain is pretty unforgiving the same way it was in morrowind. The world is full of detail, and you can gather most things. As I left the town I wondered around until I found a goat. I attempted to kill it but it ran away. I collected some items, and went to sell them in town for a few coins. I was hoping to buy a bow but never got to it. I left the town the other way this time, had a intense battle with a pig that was attempting to get away. I vanquished the mighty foe, and announced to the server my legend. I continued on for a bit until I was attacked by a wolf and killed. I am not going to go into detail, but the ghost running creeped me out and I almost pooped my pants when I ran up onto a guard that I was not expecting. After reviving I went back into the world, and saw a nice looking building in the distance so I moved tward it. It was a cementary inside was a guy farming zombies, and I followed him until I was attacked by a zombie. I tried to kill it, but it turns out my pig killing skills were no match for the zombie so I ran. The zombies the other guy had killed respawned at this point so I had 5 zombies chasing that never leashed. Eventually I outran them enough that they could no longer see me and they just creep around when I left them which I thought was really cool.

TLDR: After reading what people had written prior I didn't expect much. I had a great time though, and look forword to playing more if I am able to log back in. I am honestly super impressed with everything I saw. I think players not use to that steep skill curve that was scrapped after morrowind might end up frustrated at the feeling of helplessness, but to me I felt right at home.

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    Apr 05, 2021 4:09 am

    Here you can read more about this game, if you want to find out what this game is about. In this post you can preview the Dungens and World Bosses, we had in the first game, it include many guides and tell you about the terretory controll System, the Combat, the local flagging System and how the Devs want to prevent that people of the same Region murdering each other, about all the planned Magic Schools, the deep Crafting, the secret Quests and much more. I recommend to read it.

    I also add a Video about the COmbat System. How it look like, when a Veteran swing his Sword.

    To Play the Game well you need to adjust the Keybindings.
    The problem is that you have to look down to block mid and look up to block an Overhead. This elad to imput errors if you are turning but this can be changed.

    Bind Qverhead to Q and Walk to E. Walk also means Feint (you can cancel the attack)

    With this setting you can hold down Q and press right mouse to block upwards and Alt + right mosue to mlock Mid. This eliminates all imput errors and allow you to get good in Combat, like the guy in teh Video,

    He even managed to fight a 1 vs 4.

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