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moving to rural house with no internet?

Gamingtodaynews1b - moving to rural house with no internet?

Hello! First of all, I'm new to Reddit so I'm very sorry if I'm doing any of this wrong.

My husband and I both enjoy online gaming on our PS4s. More specifically, FFXIV, MHW, and Fromsoft related games. We also browse on our two laptops and do the occasional video. On average, about twice a day, sometimes less.

The house we're moving to has no internet connection that I have found thus far besides 4G LTE and Satellite. It has a phone line but the only DSL provider I could find does not service the address. I read it's probably due to the distance. The further, the less mbps. I have also read satellite, regardless of mbps, is shit due to severe latency. I also have started to find something called Fixed Wireless that has good latency, but from what I understand it needs a dish set up and a cable ran into the house. The house is a rental, so I'm sure we have no permission to allow any drilling, especially since it's a custom cabin.

We have tested 4G LTE ourselves and ran a 24 man raid on FFXIV, both of us tethered to our phone, and one of us played a class (mnk) that we thought would require good latency to not drop rotations. We even waited for the last moment to dodge AOEs to see if latency would get us. We actually felt no latency and no lag, so we're happy with 4G LTE. We did some calculating based on that run, multiplied to 8 hours a day for 31 days straight (we don't play this much but I like to overestimate on purpose for buffer room) and we'd use around 21GB a month. Currently we're looking at the idea of getting Verizon's above unlimited plan (75GB data before throttle and 20GB tethered data before throttle) and get an app to try and hide our tethering.


Why Verizon? Simply because of tower placement, at least from what I could find. The only nearby towers are three Verizon towers and one T-Mobile that wasn't as close as the Verizon towers. We currently have Google Fi and we're positive that we were connected to the T-Mobile tower. We had 2-3 bars and 3G if I remember right, so I'm assuming and hoping the placement of the Verizon towers will be better.

Now the problem is large files due to patches and updates and where we really need help. The best solution I can think of so far is to pack away our PS4s and a laptop, drag them to a library with a hotspot, and do our updates there either by hdmi connection or remote play connection to our laptop.

Can anyone give us advice and/or ideas on what else we could maybe do?

I have heard that XIV was still very playable after being throttled. Does anyone know if this is true, especially between two people, and possibly true with the other games we enjoy? If so, we're patient about downloading speeds and the large GB files wouldn't be a problem.

Advice on other internet sources, providers, ect would also be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for all the help!

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