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My crazy idea for a MMORPG and I want to know yours

Gamingtodaynews1e - My crazy idea for a MMORPG and I want to know yours

I think everyone had some really crazy or weird ideas for a MMO that they'd like to see happen somewhere, no matter how outrageous it sounds, so I'm sharing mine here and hoping you people can share yours too.

The basic idea I have is a game where a player can ascend and become a god of something (god of PvE, PvP, Lore, Gathering, etc etc). But then everyone will want to become a god. True! So, being a god would make you play a wholly different game, so to speak. The player will no longer worry about gear, grind, but making sure he or she has as many followers as possible. The followers, in turn receive blessings related to the god's domain, depending on how faithful they are. The god won't be able to interact directly with normal players outside temples, which could be the main PvP objective. To ensure that the PvP or combat gods don't own everything, have temples be of specific domains, so a PvP god can't take a Crafting temple, for instance, or at least not without severe curses for the other god and followers for as long as they maintain control there.

I do believe that this would only properly work with incomplete information. What I mean is, a normal player will know when they are blessed or cursed, but not the actual effects. I know, people can just hop on to Discord or whatever have a straight talk laying out the specifics.

Okay, I said the god player won't interact directly with others, so how the hell will a new god get any followers? Simple! As soon as they ascend, they can pick any player (though the option of the game choosing randomly could be fun) and send them a cryptic (pre-made) message, "You have been chosen to be the voice of Blah, a new god of Whatever. Do you accept this request?" – This Voice of whoever will be the player responsible for spreading the word, receiving offerings while online and setting up small altars for the offerings when they are offline or far away. These offerings could be game currency or something related to the domain (crafted items for crafting, for instance)


As I said before, the god would not be able to enter the mortal world, all they'll be able to do is roam around god lobby, chat and bicker with other gods and have their own home zone (possibly one of the few cases where an instanced home makes sense), where they can set up all kinds of crazy stuff. When they actually get to work on helping the followers, all they have access to is the game map with dots showing where the followers are. No names given, only different colors to show the different faith tiers.

TLDR1 – The basic god loop would be this:

  • Define what bonuses to give to each faith tier (ie, T1 – +10% speed; T2 – +15% melee damage; T3 – ability to ping the god every X hours and hope you get something)
  • Get more power from the faithful's offerings
  • Spend said power giving blessings
  • Oversee the faithful's adventures to give shorter blessings
  • Fight other gods of the same domain
  • Manifest in captured temples for a limited time to bless every present follower with a days long buff
  • Last but not least, have the option to be an a*hole to followers and throw curses on them.

For the normal players, the game would be the usual fare, grind this and that, level up skills, whatever, with the extra layer of having the choice to follow a god to get bonuses in exchange for offerings. They wouldn't know if/when their god was online or offline (without outside means, anyway), nor have a good idea of how many followers a god has.

TLDR2 — My idea is giving limited godly powers to some players, in exchange they would no longer play like the typical mmorpg.

I could easily go into even more details on how it would work, like if a player wants to give up being a god, what if they somehow manage to end up with 0 followers, but I'll leave it as it is right now. I wanna hear your ideas now!

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