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MY decision making in FPS games needs improving

Gamingtodaynews1e - MY decision making in FPS games needs improving

Introduction (About me in short) :

I have been gaming since I was around 7 years old I am 17 now bout to be 18.
I am primarily an FPS gamer that mostly plays Call of Duty.
I have ADHD, and I am currently taking no medications.
It seems like I take more time than the average person to adapt to things, gaming in this situation.
I am a mixed player, playing Console and PC.

My downsides in gaming :

I am the paranoid type of player, I often hesitate and or make irrational decisions in moments that most people would call "not heated at all", as a result of this my muscles tense up quite a lot, which in turn makes aiming hard at times.

my decision making is almost none existent, don't get me wrong I know I am making decisions, but most of those decisions happen in my subconscious mind, which I am not quite sure if it's a bad thing, or am I just so accustomed to doing those things they happen automatically, it's to the point that while I am playing I am unable to think of anything the only thing i "see" or "think" in my mind, is the game in front of me.

when I play with people I am unable to talk and play "semi-good" at the same time, its almost as if my performance is cut in 70% when I talk and play at the same time, as an example when I play warzone and I talk with people before we drop I often jump out without even thinking about it or I don't hear them saying "jump out" and realize when it's too late, which can be quite humorous at times, adding up to this it can also be while playing, my teammates say its time to push and my mind just doesn't hear that.


My upsides in gaming :

Given a good time, I can come up with a lot of creative stuff, like oh we can come from x to y and attack from different directions, I also find reasonable solutions to problems in games quite often,

My aim is above average (on pc), that is when my muscles don't tense up.

I do get angry often yes, but that happens after an extended period of gaming in one sitting, which leads to the upside, I am good at begin calm in terms of anger.

I enjoy complementing people even when they do bad, instead of pointing out their flaws. looking at some of you CSGO players.

I know limits, so I don't sit up for 2 days straight expecting the same performance as after waking up or drinking ridiculous amounts of energy drinks expecting the crash to not affect me.

My hearing is excellent I can often hear people coming when nobody else heard them.

So what do I want? :

I'd like for people here to try and explain to me, give me tips, tricks, exercises, drills, methods.
on how to improve in everything I stated above, you can even state other stuff that I did not mention, that could help tremendously in my situation, just be sure to give me a way to practice that.

Things that might seem obvious to the majority might not be so obvious for me, so please give any help you can think of since you never know, you could be the one that has the magic juice.

Anything is appreciated.

– KeyZ

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