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I'm a writer and a huge dreamer, and I love MMORPGs, and I've thought for a while now about my dream MMO (or at least a variation of it). I'd like just like to post the idea here and share my dream game with the subreddit. I won't explain every little detail because I'm still trying to materialize things about the game in my head, but I'll try to be thorough with my overview. Anyway, this is going to be an extremely long post.

Preface: To preface this idea, I'll say that the game relies on technologies that may never exist, so don't take anything seriously. Adding to that, concepts introduced in this post may be completely impossible or impractical.

The Game Technologies and Basic Interface Systems & Player Controls

  1. The game world will be generated by an extremely advanced AI/machine.
  2. To play the game, players must put on a headset. This headset doesn't necessarily have to be a full-on helmet, just a basic headset, except it's super advanced. This headset is what allows players to create an "account." To explain, when a player wears the headset, the technology of the headset analyzes the waves emitted by the person's brain with absolute precision. After analyzing the brain waves, a mental imprint of the player is then created, which is entirely unique to the player. Because mental imprints are to be made unique, the "account" is tied to the mental imprint AKA the player, thus every player can only have one "account." Elaborating more on this, this also means that there is one "character" or avatar for the player, as an "account" is merely the portal of access for the player into the game world. In other words, the player is the account.
  3. The portal of access for the game will be interfaced on a tablet the size of a keyboard (which replaces the the standard keyboard for player controls).
  4. Both the headset and the tablet will be used for player controls or game interface. For gameplay, the headset can read the players thoughts or intentions (relating to gameplay) and will directly or indirectly influence player controls. Simply put, player controls via thoughts or intent. The tablet can be used for hand gestures and hand motions in conjunction with the headset for avatar movement and motion. Example: If you motion your hand on the tablet and/or think about moving a certain way, you will do that in-game. (There are no predefined motions for controls. It's a completely organic control system.)
  5. The headset also includes a built-in microphone, so players can verbally interact with the game world.
  6. As far as UI goes (on-screen mini-map, skill bars, etc.), there are none. The gameplay is entirely organic, so if someone needs to see the map of something, they will have to have open up a map themselves. Such maps can be paper charters in the game or virtualized via technological consoles. In any case, the map images can be enlarged and zoomed in, appearing on the tablet screen. So it is very possible and likely that players will get lost in the game world without maps or people guiding them.

The Physicality of the Game World

  1. The game world is a true open world that is a blend of fantasy and sci-fi, and several RPG elements have been integrated into the game world design (ex: character stats such as STR, DEX, etc. or mana/energy). There are societies that depend on magic and martial/mystic arts, and there are societies that depend on technology. And there are some that may depend on a mix.
  2. There is one central planet and thousands of moons. Several hundred of the moons are known to be inhabited, and the civilizations of these moons are allied with or are expansions of societies on the central planet. Many of these moons have distinguished geography, like having no land at all, just pure ocean. Or they have may tons of volcanic activity, etc. Expeditions are being made to the unexplored moons by the known societies and civilizations.
  3. The known inhabited lands on the main planet comprises 1 "large" island and 7 "smaller" islands. The rest of the world is still being explored, but it's very dangerous. Even the large island itself is still largely unexplored, as only the the southern tip of the island is inhabited. Continuous parties and expeditions are being made to explore the large island for mining, hunting, and mapping purposes.
  4. There may or may not be undiscovered societies in the unexplored parts of world or on the other moons.
  5. The smallest of the 7 islands is 5x the total landmass of Earth's total land area. The next smallest island is 10x Earth's landmass…etc. Then the largest of the 7 islands is 100x the total landmass of Earth.
  6. The large island is 100x the size of the largest of the 7 islands. In relation to Earth, this large island is equivalent to Maldives relative to the Earth.
  7. In addition to the moons, there are also mystical realms. However, only very few realms are currently discovered, and only extremely knowledgeable and powerful individuals have access to these realms or know where the access points are.
  8. After avatar creation, a player gets to choose where they want to spawn. Either on one of the 500 known inhabited moons or on the central planet (on any of the inhabited islands by the main societies).

Interacting with the Game World

  1. Interactions with the game world are completely organic. Movements are truly free and fluid. If you want to do a back flip, you can do a back flip. If you want to climb a tree, you can climb a tree. If you want to swim to the bottom of a lake or the ocean, you can do that. If you want to catch fish with your hands instead of a fishing pole, you can do that. If you want to obliterate the oceans or the terrain with your powers, you can do that. (Granted, if you were capable enough to do that.)
  2. All space is explorable. Players can explore all bodies of water, all mountains, can climb all trees, climb all buildings, go into any building, etc. The game world is truly an organic, open world. (Note: you may need permission from home owners or property owners to enter their homes…)
  3. The NPCs are free-thinking individuals. Their movements are just as organic as a real person's. You can talk to them, etc. Basically, they are the epitome of true, virtualized people situated in the game world. (Reminder: players use the built-in mic in the headset for verbal interactions. This applies for player-to-NPC verbal interactions and player-to-player verbal interactions.)

The Skill System and The "Engine" of the World

  1. In the game world, there is a mystical energy that fuels the mystical powers of the world. (Call it mana, chi, etc., whatever.)
  2. In addition to the mystical energy, there are even more mysterious stones that grant people knowledge/power.
  3. These stones will act as the "skill tree" of the game. These stones serve as conduits to the game world's spirits, elementals, gods, etc. Individuals (both NPCs and players alike) can only attain the knowledge and power from one stone (from one entity). An individual can absorb the essence of the stone at a primordial and mystical pillar (societies are built around these pillars). Once absorbed, a sigil of the spirit, elemental, god, etc. appears on the individual's palm. The sigils are unique for each entity.
  4. At the aforementioned pillars, individuals can also access the "skill tree." They place their palms on the pillar and the "skill tree" appears on the slab. There are objectively 1,000,000 "nodes" on the skill tree.
  5. The skill tree is wholly unique for every stone, even if it's for the same entity. There may be different "nodes" and abilities/powers offered by the stone, and they each skill tree may be pathed differently.
  6. The nodes are categorized as "Blessings of Knowledge" or "Blessings of Power." Blessings of Knowledge don't provide anything but knowledge. They provide clues or insight into the lore of the entity and/or the game world. (Ex: "There is a weapon imbued with my power located in a cave…") Blessings of Power, on the other hand, grant powers or abilities. These can be passive boosts to an individual's physical capabilities or boosts to certain skills in weaponry or martial arts. Or even better, they can be Abilities (Powers/Skills/Techniques), which are the rarest form of Blessings of Power.
  7. In addition, only nodes that are unlocked or obtained can be seen. Not even nodes adjacent to unlocked nodes can be seen. In other words, no one can ever know the entire skill tree until it is fully unlocked.
  8. To see what a node offers (to unlock nodes), individuals must satisfy conditions for their spirit, elemental, god, etc. Satisfying such conditions may be as simply as "Go to X and do Y," which may take minutes or hours. Other conditions can also be things like "Gather X and offer them to my altar at Y location." Other conditions may be even more tedious and take days…or weeks…or months… These conditions are entirely unique for each entity, and they are entirely unique for each stone, and for each node. This means even if there is another follower of the same entity, their skill tree will be wholly unique to them.
  9. In this world, there is/was an ancient, supremely advanced society that created pseudo stones and pseudo pillars. These stones/pillars are both mystical and technological in nature. No one in the known world knows how these came to be, but these pseudo counterparts also exist in the world along with the natural ones. There is no specific entity to follow, per se, but conditions must still be met to unlock nodes, and they are unlocked via the pseudo pillars. The knowledge and power of these pseudo stones are tailored to skills and abilities relating to technology.(Guns, artillery, cybertronics, etc.)
  10. If individuals don't like what their stone offers, they can forsake their powers at a pillar. They can then absorb the essence of another stone if they wish. However, since previous powers were linked specifically to the nodes of the old stone, no powers are transferred from one stone to another, especially if it's a new/different entity. However, this can be more forgiving if someone is absorbing a different stone from the same entity. Some progress may transfer over, depending on the actual nodes. Or perhaps no progress will transfer over…
  11. On the topic of the mystic stones/entities: not all entities have been discovered yet…There may be powerful, unknown beings yet to discover.
  12. In conjunction with the mystic stones, individuals may also rely on martial/mystic arts, and/or weaponry, which are all independent of the power of the stones, but may be affected by the power of the stones. For weapons, there are bows, crossbow, swords, spears, etc. For those who prefer more advanced technology, there are guns, rocket launchers, etc.
  13. In any case, the "plot" or "engine" of the game world is that the known societies are trying to cultivate power and knowledge to uncover the mysteries that are the mystical energy and mystery stones/pillars. Basically, they want to discover "God" or "Gods," or perhaps in more philosophical terms, they want to discover the "Transcendental." Having the power of the stones don't actually connect them with said entities. People follow the spirits, elementals, and gods for their powers, but they have never met or communicated with them. (There may be some who have reached near-transcendental states, and there may be those who have knowledge of said entities, but they are far and few and lost to the known world…) Meanwhile, there may be some ancient or primordial forces lurking in the dark, plotting something…
  14. Players may or may never meet or communicate with said entities…


  1. Powers/Abilities granted by a mystic stone may require a hefty price, usually in the form of energy. (It should be a person's goal to absorb mystic energy to become more powerful, so that they can use such powers.) Some powers may even require blood, signifying devoutness to a spirit or a god. Some may even require life to be given. There may also be powers that require incantations. Some incantations might not be necessary, but incantations always make powers stronger. (Players will have to speak out the incantations via mic).
  2. As previously stated, every skill tree is entirely unique, even if it's for the same entity. There may be a person who has a stone for a Water Spirit that grants them the ability to breath underwater for X duration. But for another person, they may have an ability that lets them breath underwater indefinitely.
  3. Along those lines, if there are two people who follow the same entity and have a similar ability, they will be wholly unique abilities. For example, maybe someone following a Nature God can summon an eagle. When they summon the eagle, it will be an entirely unique eagle (because the eagle is a living creature in the game world), and it will be contracted to the person. Therefore, if someone else summons an eagle, it will be a completely different eagle, even if it's for the same species. In another scenario, perhaps someone summons an eagle from a common eagle species, and perhaps someone else summons an eagle from a divine bird species. Or someone might summon a soldier eagle, and someone might summon the king of all eagles, etc. (Of course, the ability of summon the King of All Eagles would be a uniquely rare ability. It's more than likely that no one will ever find the stone that let's you form a contract with the King of Eagles.)
  4. On the topic of summoning/familiars: people don't have to summon via powers from stones. They can form natural contracts with such creatures if they encounter them in the world. If a person can find the King of Eagles in the world and form a contract with it, then they'll be able to summon the King of Eagles. This goes for any creature/entity. (However, such creatures are sentient and could decline forming contracts…)
  5. With the prevalence of the mystic energy of the game world, some individuals have managed to become extremely powerful beings on their own. Some martial artists/mystic artists have reached god-tier levels. These martial/mystic artists may or may not follow any entity (they don't use the power of a stone). Very few of these individuals are known to the world. Most of them live ordinary lives or they live in very secluded places or places no one has ever ventured to. Individuals can learn martial/mystic arts to become strong, instead of having to rely on the powers granted by a stone. (But they can still absorb a stone if they want.) There are martial/mystic arts schools that take in disciples, so people can learn martial/mystic arts, but they have to practice and train to become stronger.
  6. People are able to create their own powers/abilities if they are powerful and capable enough to do so. This could be augmenting powers granted by the mystic stones, or creating new powers entirely. It'll depend completely on their creativity and ingenuity.


  1. Equipment has a physical effect on character movement. And a person's physical capabilities will affect what gear and how much gear they can wear.
  2. There is no limit to how much gear a person can put on, only a limit how much gear a person is capable of putting on. Maybe some enchanted gear are not compatible with each other, so they may not be equipped at the same time. Maybe a person's body isn't physically strong enough to wear tons of gear or heavy gear. (Ex: a breastplate that weighs 10,000 lbs) Or maybe wearing too much gear will hinder a person's movement completely. (Can't fully move arms, etc.)

Individual & Physical Stats

  1. There are no levels in this game, per se. Things are measured by powers, skills, and stats. As such, things are prescribed "power levels" that is calculated based on their powers, skills, and stats. Power levels aren't an objective metric. They are a way about how the known civilizations quantify something's "power" relative to one another. There are catalogues in libraries that record "power levels" for all the known species of creatures.
  2. Individual stats will rise naturally as a person trains or the more they consume mystic energy. (Note: absorbing too much mystic energy too quickly may be detrimental to a person's body. Or not knowing how to absorb energy the proper way may be detrimental to a person's body.)
  3. As mentioned before, Blessings of Power can also enhance physical stats, so that is another way of raising one's individual stats. (Some Blessings of Power may raise one stat and decrease another.)


  1. Crafted items will depend entirely on the crafter. The method of crafting, the amount of materials used, the quality of materials used, and the combination of materials used will affect a crafted item. Maybe someone who doesn't know how to blacksmith hits the blade in bad spots, so the sword comes out brittle. Or maybe someone doesn't inscribe runes perfectly on a ring, so the enchantment is weaker than it could be. Etc.
  2. Not all crafting masters are equal. Some may be masters, and some may be grandmasters. There may even be gods of crafting and forge…(hint hint, there are) Someone can become a master or a grandmaster of crafting if they are capable of doing so. Otherwise, they will have to depend on the services of masters or grandmasters of crafting to make superior items. (That is, if such masters would even take up such tasks from lowly plebs…)
  3. Adding to that, some crafters may not have the necessary tools to craft. Maybe a blacksmith doesn't have the a certain tool to create an item. To make such a tool, he would need X material, so he may ask you to go out and get him X material so he could make the tool. Or maybe his forge is insufficient, so instead he may direct you to another blacksmith in town. Or perhaps, if your relationship with him is really good, he may even refer you to a grandmaster blacksmith in a secluded, unknown place.
  4. Additionally, there may be some items that require knowledge obtained from blueprints to make. Such blueprints can be obtained via libraries or schools. Or they can be self-crafted blueprints (created by grandmasters). There may even be long-lost blueprints from ancient times of primordial items, which may have been left behind by superior craftsmen, or left by a god.
  5. All of the aforementioned applies to all crafting professions. (Cooking, enchanting, accessory making, runesmithing, songmaking, wordsmithing, etc.)
  6. As far as crafting materials go, there are objectively over 100,000,000 "periodic elements" in the game world, with over 200,000 of them having been discovered. Variants and isotopes of these elements are not included in the 100,000,000. These elements may be unique to certain creatures or raw materials, and may only naturally occur in specific locations, etc.
  7. More on crafting materials: there are tens of millions of types of rock/stone/etc. and hundreds of millions of species of plants/herbs.

Hunting and Partying

  1. As NPCs are free agents in the game world, players can party with NPCs.
  2. There is no limit to a party or raid size, so if division of loot may be an issue, people will have to think about how small or big their parties will be.
  3. As previously stated, all interactions are organic (AKA, no User Interface), parties will be formed via verbal agreement or written agreement (ex: a contract). There may be social or political consequences if players fail to uphold verbal or written agreements with NPCs…(or other players for that matter).

Monsters/Creatures & Miasma

  1. All monsters are living creatures in the game world. This means every creature is wholly unique to one another (and not just some generated generic mob). When they die, they die permanently. This also means that in the case of "distinguished" creatures ("Bosses"), when they are killed, they are dead forever, unless somehow revived by some means. This also means that "Boss" loot is entirely unique to that boss. Ex: if a powerful, unique dragon is killed, its hide will be the only of its kind (unless there are more of it out there).
  2. Creatures can naturally spawn from birth/eggs or they can spawn from the mystical miasma in the game world. This mystical miasma is simply a great concentration of mystical energy within an area or region. (This is basically the "respawn" mechanic.)
  3. Some regions may be more heavily concentrated with energy than others, and will be dangerous for weak people. Individuals who aren't powerful enough to withstand the pressure of these areas will be crushed to death.
  4. There is a direct correlation between energy concentration and power level of creatures.
  5. Adding to that, some creatures (including NPCs/entities) have lived for hundreds, thousands, millions, or even billions of years. Their power levels will reflect that. Such creatures will likely have attained divine intelligence and they will have transcended into god-like entities. Due to this, the game has been designed/created in such a way that players will "progress" more quickly than NPCs/creatures to hopefully catch up…..LEL. This may manifest in "good luck" and/or "good fortune" and/or "high growth rate potential" for the players.
  6. There are tens of billions of species of creatures in the game world, with a little over 25,000,000 species discovered.


  1. Since movement and motion is free and fluid, fighting will also be free and fluid. As such, no telegraphed attacks, etc. It's basically real fighting. You can do anything you can think of during battle, and the same goes for your opponents. (Hint: As previously stated, some monsters may possess high intelligence or divine intelligence…)
  2. If NPCs/creatures die, they die forever. Players are "Avatars" that have traveled into this game world, and they respawn in a place that I have yet to decide.
  3. I'm also still trying to decide if I should have players lose all items on death and respawn naked. If this is the case, I may decide that there could be ways to "bind" items to the soul.
  4. Body parts can be mutilated and destroyed (applies for creatures/NPCs/players/etc.). But there are ways to regenerate and recreate destroyed limbs via magic/technology. There may be a monetary or non-monetary cost to regenerating or recreating destroyed limbs.

Dungeon Delving and Exploring the World

  1. As previously mentioned, all space is explorable, including the underground. People can journey through caves and venture toward the center of the planet if they are capable of delving deep, and if they are knowledgeable enough to find paths to venture down.
  2. Additionally, there is a very special place in the world that allows for infinite dungeon delving.
  3. As part of dungeon delving, individuals may discover long-lost artifacts or powerful objects. These items may or may not relate to the lore of the world. (Also applies for surface-level exploration and sea exploration).
  4. Unknown creatures and unknown entities and unknown societies may also be discovered throughout one's journey…

Anyway, that's it for now. I took too long to write all this shit. I probably forgot some stuff. But eh.

Feel free to critique or comment. Questions are always welcome if things aren't super clear or you want more information. I'll probably use some of this for a series or litrpg novel or some shit. IDK.

And yes, if it isn't obvious by now, I'm delusional.

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