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So I wanted to post an idea of what my dream MMORPG would be like if I had the money and talents behind me. Obviously take this with a grain of salt, this idea is SUPER unrealistic and not probable. Besides that I had a blast writing this, also please mind any errors you may find, I am god awful at writing (LOL). If you're champ and have read or skimmed this wall of text I would love to hear any ideas or revisions you may have.( hell I willing to read your dream mmorpg any time Lmao) Also for the people who are not interested in reading there is A TL;DR AT THE BOTTOM.


The Graphics needs to be slick and clean, not too cartoonish nor too realistic. There needs to be a healthy middle ground, something that pops and catches peoples eyes, but at the same time isn’t overly demanding on peoples systems.


Darks soul (specifically three) themed with more focus on smaller details such as the color of gear and armor material. (ex. Bronze, Silver Metals). Even though the style of DS is more decrypted with lots of dark and heavy degradation, it would be neat to have more vibrant colors such as greens, blues, and reds. Examples of this would be like plains with flowers and sunshine, but with different areas that explore more colors such as darker and drab colors that can be seen in forest and swamps. Cities and Architecture will vary area to area, one area could be more European based while other eastern with an Asian focus. To fill the world it would be neat to show the passage of time of ruins and cities that have faded through time, each with lore of what it was like to live in this area as well as hints as to how it ended up where it is.


In the game there should be three continents with rivers, small oceans, and mountains separating each one but still close enough to travel too, with small islands with unique environments. To circle back to the cultures of each continent is represented by a large kingdom with smaller provinces each with its own culture and style but in some places you may see an intermingle of these cultures. These will be the starter areas of which players can start at, even though you can purchase armor and weapons from NPCs or other players from the other continents, the starting price will be higher than the local items available. The world is open world and free to explore, there are no fast travel points (There are crystals that can teleport you, more on this later), but instead there fast ways to traverse the world such as mounts, ships, carts, or airships. These ways can be costly and may differ from each other. Mounts can vary in health and speed, cheaper mounts are sickly and slow have a greater chance of dying. Mounts can be purchased with normal currency, earn from npcs, or tamed with proper skills and gear. The overall stats on mounts can be increased with love and care such as feeding them, grooming them, and using them, overtime as you care for the mount it will become reliable and useful. Other modes of transport are actively-passive; they will take you to your target location with the fastest route chosen. transport cost and speed will vary based on weather and terrains; plains being the fastest and steep cliffs being the slowest. Airships are the fastest modes of transport but are expensive and have routes that take you to a general location instead of target locations. Players may ride along but with transports with routes will have scheduled times but will have decent sized windows for players to take these transports.

The populace of people and mobs will vary location, as a way to save some money some areas can have unique mobs and specific mobs with different races (such as green goblins and red goblins). The area will give you a general idea of the behavior of mobs, plains areas have the weakest and calmest mobs, while wooded areas have mobs that are more tactical and cautious, this also holds true with NPCs and human mobs. The starter area in each continent will have unique biomes that uniquely represent the Kingdom. The world needs to be open with cracks and crevices with varying elevation such as hills, ravines, and rock formations, these will block players and will force a player into certain directions. Areas will vary by closeness and openness, some will be extremely closed while others hugely open . Animals will exist and will fit the area and exist in the world with set behavior such as running away from players and mobs, or attacking them if they are carnivorous.


The game will start with one class, but different races can be chosen. The races that can be chosen are Human, elves, demi-humans, undead (basically mobs such as skeletons, zombies, etc.) There are locked races that cannot be chosen unless they are discovered, this is server based. Once discovered every player will receive a 7 day race change scroll, their setup will save but it will reset certain skills that are raced based but level, items, and non- race skills will remain. This is a trial of whether you want to change race or not, after seven days you can choose to change race permanently or decline it you, and of course you can cancel it early, the scroll is non-tradable and single use. If you want to start on a new server that hasn’t been fully discovered you can transfer your character to a new server, but your level and skills will be reset but items will be kept. As a way to keep things fair, exp potions will not be used for the first month of the server. You can of course transfer your character to your old server where your level and skills are saved. Races will give you advantages in certain areas such as strength, luck, and intelligence as well as race bonuses with certain weapons, keep in mind races can have negatives such as having slower times learning certain skills. These negatives can be turned positive with enough usage and skill usage; this idea is very similar to Fire emblem, Three Houses. Humans are the most balanced but do not have negatives or positives but instead have higher exp gain till certain level or have decently faster exp gain for skills of which is permanent.

The overall skills that a player can learn are learnt through performing an action or the skill is given in a skill book (ER) or through NPC’s, or you can learn skills by developing your job.

Depending on your job certain skills can be locked such as being Knight you can’t learn powerful buff magic, this is to prevent magic that can boost your damage or defense an insane value. This doesn’t mean you can’t learn buff magic but certain spells will be locked or reduced in effectiveness to create a balance. What jobs can you get? You start as a basic class you can wield any weapon and use basic spells, once you reach a certain skill level with your chosen weapon you can earn your first class. whether you chose it or not you can still change your class to something else. If your class is highly developed and you decide to change your job, your previous job skills are locked and you must start over in your new class. As you level up your class proficiency the free skills from your last job can be attain (Dragons of Dogma did this and it was quite great) If you decide that the job is not for you, you can change back, keep in mind though certain skills and passives can be learnt by developing a new job. I believe this will allow you to freely design your character at will so you can create a unique character that is yours. There are hidden jobs that can be obtained by completing certain things such as doing a rare quest for an NPC or performing a feat that very few can manage. There are also production base jobs that accel at certain crafts even though anyone can learn a craft; production jobs receive astounding bonuses at crafting but do have a tough time in combat ( which can be fixed). There are advanced jobs of which you can level your job up. This can be obtained by increasing your proficiency in your job, you can then unlock the advance job but this will reset your job proficiency but your skills from before will be kept and can be advanced further (think of it like prestiging ). There is a level up system with a huge level cap anywhere from 300-1000, there is stat allocation as well letting the player design the character strengths and weaknesses. Your job can also increase your stats as well as certain skills you have learned. Mobs and Bosses' difficulty can vary; there are low level bosses and high level bosses, for most content it can be soloed. There’s a catch though: dungeons and areas will be based on quantity and quality and even a mix of both. Some will be extremely easy to clear alone but others will require strategies and items to clear. Some dungeons will be too hard to solo so the player whos at the dungeon can hire or ask other players to join them, they can do so by firing a flare or traveling in town to group up and asking via chat. Player’s also have the option of hiring NPCs but they are expensive and the price scales with levels that can be chosen (can’t exceed players level). This can be an excellent way to fill your party with somewhat reliable allies. Of course there are drawbacks such as low level mercs being unreliable but higher level being too useful, as well as exp being reduced by half. Dungeons and ruins can be explored and discovered but some will require keys and certain quests to be active to access them, some overly complicated but well worth the trouble and some simple with a tiny bonus. Players can discover areas and dungeons and are rewarded with a discovery bonus being the first, second, third to discover can lead to double exp and loot drops plus your name being tied to the area forever.

The combat is action combat with target lock or no target, I believe this would be the best choice mostly because it can immerse players more than other systems. I also believe with good combat animations and movement choices it can create a level of skill that many players can enjoy and really draw them in. I think responsive ui can help players learn and develop their skills when playing whether it’s dodging or rolling. Having a great ui can help players pay attention and feel satisfied when playing, a great way to do this is to create ui tabs that can be shifted, placed, and resized to fit the player desires. The next topic is PvP. This is by far the trickiest thing to address mostly because PvP relies heavily on balance which can be a good thing but if players have a huge disadvantage they will complain. I’m all for PvP, so to start there are 3 PvP ideas. One is coliseum PvP this can be broken within two things one is insta matches where it will place you against other players within similar level brackets as well as gear and stats which can decide if they are too strong or not. Players can create filters on opponents based on guilds, level and stat such as “I can fight opponents 10 levels above me”. These matches can give some gold but not too much, as a neat gimmick people can watch and bet on who will win, but there is a max amount that can be betted each match. The second idea is that there will be weekly and monthly coliseum matches, you can sign up to participate in these matches but the matches will be timed based, starting at a certain time if the opponent fails to join its forfeit (there are no penalties). The winner will progress to the next stage, the fights will be bracketed with all player information available to the public stats, jobs, and current skills. The info will be updated until the players lose in combat, the matches can be 1v1-5v5 the more people the greater rewards. The monthly matches are the same but the rewards are significantly greater such as a lot of gold, unique items or gear items, and one month exp boost. The third PvP available is a grand battle that can be held by factions or guilds. These battles that can involve as many players as possible, the groups that join will be given a castle and one week to prepare they will have to gather materials to fit the castle and field with the best defenses possible ( Tower Defense).The fight will be objective based such as holding an area or completing a task, kills and team annihilations can also reward points. The winner of the battle is the one who captures the other castle, but the team can also win or attest the win if they pass a point threshold. If this happens three 1v1 matches may occur each with a category of combat such as Tanks, Mages, and DPS fighters. The members of each guild may vote on their chosen players the highest members will have more votes than standard members. The battlefield may vary, it can be more open or have a lot of cover such as rocks or trees, the leaders of each army can draw battle plans and assign players to groups to create orders as to where they will be located. Smaller guilds may also battle either playing with a bigger guild or playing on a smaller field.


Players can own and create towns as well as guilds halls or bases. In order to take towns you must invade or have a high relationship with the citizens to perform a coup. To create a town, base, and guild hall you must purchase or seize land from other players or NPCs, this is non-PvP matter in order to seize land you will have to outbid other players or destroy the land making the land purchase null (players can set up defenses to prevent this). To create towns or bases the game will set borders and let you use gold or materials to create and improve the land ( Sims like or any city creator game). You must also have citizens or laborers to complete this task, to obtain them they must be hired or persuaded through your in-game relationship with NPC’s. As for how building construction could look you can access a labor table (can be crafted or brought, if crafted by high level craftsmen's it reduces in price and materials) and in it you can switch to something like sims building creation. What's available are prefabs, walls, and furniture to place, you can also purchase prefab plans from other players. Depending how much land you have will determine your maximum amount of space and placement you have. Imagine the sims games crossed with fallout 4 building placements. Smaller spaces can be rented, earned, or straight up purchased, the catch is though is gold will be exacted per every in game month so city creation can be useful but at same can be lost if the player is too poor.

Guild ranks will be determined by Grand battle stats (official matches) and number of quests completed with guild members. High level guilds can access raids (ranging from E rank to S raids) as well as being able to form alliances with smaller guilds that can have certain access according to high ranking guild members or the GM. Certain things that are available to high level guilds,

  1. Harder ranked raids
  2. Higher level vendor with rare items and crafting mats
  3. Cheaper land cost
  4. Name and Fame
  5. Controlling Dungeons and being able to have entrance fees
  6. Exp and loots bonus for playing with guild member or alliance members

There is a death penalty, when you die you lose time, so expect exp lost and exp debuff for one in game hour if death occurs after the hour the debuff will be reduced to half a hour but the exp lost could be a level or two. The real danger is your skills could lose proficiency dropping from level to level if death is constant of course there will be a safety net from too much progress being lost. Gear will be standard and depend on skills/ job/ and level. You can craft gear up to legendary status but higher level items require necessary level craftsmen to perform this. Gear can gear can be polished, reforged, and enchanted for further usage. This will make gear more viable and interesting, of course unique loot can be improved upon but is costly and will require high level mats because unique items are extremely rare and limited in quantity. Unique level loot stat will be reduced depending on the order of who found them. An example is if an unique amulet is found it will have amazing stats, the first person to discover this amulet will have the highest range of stats available with the best enchantments available this is server based. After the item is discovered the stats will be reduced// So the more people who discover a unique item the more the stats decrease after 10 people have discovered it, the item stats will be random. Gear that's crafted by a high level craftsman and enchanter with high level mats can easily compete with unique loot, but unique loot can have special properties such as being able to summon a dragon; these properties can not be exacted. A lot of loot can be improved upon making it viable even at a lower level but higher rarity loot such epic loot have higher range stats than common loot. The loots is ranked from E to S, E rank represent common and low stat items, where as S rank are high rarity with the highest stats possible. Production base jobs can increase these ranks, with proper mats you can reforge items such as taking common E rank iron swords and reforging it into an epic A rank mithril sword. There will be a player based economy, where items and mats are dictated as what players feel is fair. For easy understanding items will be ranked( refer to loot rank), hopefully this can help players understand what's worth a purchase and estimate the value based on these ranks. There will be two types of auctions available; silent and normal auctions, silent auctions will work like ebay, you may see the number of bidders but will not see the highest bid so you must guess and bid what feels fair. Normal auctions can be held by players, everything will be timed and players must outbid each other, C rank items or higher are required to be placed in normal auctions. Before an auction starts, details of what items will be available so players can decide before they bid . Teleport crystals can be crafted or looted; these can only teleport you to a few cities and are single use items but these crystals are extremely rare and hard to craft. Let circle back to trading, to make trade as easy as possible. You can enter the trade market freely trading items and putting items for sale. The downside is there is shipping cost and item quantities are restricted and marked up quite a bit.


To have a healthy stream of player’s the game will be F2P, but after a certain amount of time it may be B2P the game will ask for purchase after the player reaches mid-level they may continue to play developing skills and fighting mobs but their level is capped until they purchase the end game content. I would like the game to be fair price and have player experience the before they decide to purchase it but these are bonus if they decide to do so.

  1. Access to later game content
  2. The player can chose three cosmetics for free
  3. They will also receive fair amount of premium currency
  4. They will put in a draw to receive unique gear the draw will be held every month 3 players will chosen, those not chose will remain in draw until they win
  5. People can rate and pitch ideas for further developments
  6. People who purchase the game will access content earlier and will receive xp and loot bonuses
  7. People who donated currency for full game access will have double xp/ lower vendor prices/ will receive a thank you notice from the dev team which can printed. They will also be put on a two list on listing a generous benefactor, and will have a decent chance to earn a free sub

The end game content will be available, level will unlocked and perks will be available. There is a premium currency and this currency is tradeable, it can be used to buy cosmetics items at the shop and can be used to purchase subs and the game. There is a sub that is available; the perks that come with it are dependent on the length of time and the chosen tiers .

  1. You will get 10 of the premium currency every day this can stack even offline
  2. For each month you subscribe you may choose a free cosmetic the longer the sub the more valuable the cosmetic or item you can get, 1 month will be cheap cosmetics and the 12th month will be anything and everything in the shop.
  3. There is a second tier of the sub that slightly more money buys doubles the perks.
  4. During a sub your mats will have boost such as mining and wood collecting
  5. Auto mat collection may be double or triple depending on sub level
  6. You may buy other players a sub doing so will give you 1 week of triple exp. This may stack up to one month, the higher tier sub will give you 2 weeks stacking to 2 months.
  7. When you buy someone a sub, they also receive double exp for 1 week.

Items in the shop may be purchased within game currency and real money ( for those who do not want to purchase the currency even though it can be hugely beneficial). The shop will have daily and weekly deals to push players to buy items, to add to this, items that can also be bought with the basic currency but these are limited and change weekly. Items in the shop that are available are cosmetic so skins, such as armor and mounts, have no bearing on the game and do not change your speed or stats. If you have a horse mount and purchase a dragon skin the properties of the mount will not change so you can’t fly, but if you have a flyable mount and use skins on it can still fly. Admitally this could be goofy and quite funny seeing a basic horse mount with no wings being able to fly but I believe this would add charm to the game. Beggars will be muted in chat either by moderation or by players choice; the list will be unlimited. After each trade a receipt will be created and sent to the server this will be evidence to prevent scams. Chats logs will be saved and can be accessed by the player if they need screenshots. A team will look into the matter and will compensate the player and the accused will be banned from chat, beware though false accusations will also be punishable, these will be reviewed by a case by case scenario.

Fixing Bugs and Problems with the game:

There will be discord to keep in touch with players and announce future updates, the discord can be accessed in game or normally. In the discord there will be all chats available to make trades or recruitments offline. There will be pages dedicated to any bugs or exploits players have encountered. Any game breaking bugs or exploits will be addressed as fixed, communication between players and devs is extremely important. There will be dedicated people who will keep in touch with players and explain the state of the game, these people can be active players in the community or people hired to keep up communication. During heavy production communication will be limited to avoid promises and spoilers. There will be posted time when silence will be active after heavy production communication will return to normal.


  1. Dark souls style with an range of colors schemes
  2. Mix of realistic graphic but not too demanding to play
  3. Three starter continents each with its own style and biomes
  4. Dungeons and smart AI that reflected biomes, also raids
  5. Three PvP types fast battles, weekly and monthly tournaments and Grand battles
  6. PvP will have counters to aim for balanced gameplay, nerfing or buffing will be the worst case scenario.
  7. PvP will be matchup on level, gear, or guild level and members
  8. Grand battles are objective based with tower defense with areas located in the world
  9. Action combat with lock-on or no lock-on
  10. Jobs and skills that can be developed by using it and can also be upgraded, production jobs exist and can have extreme uses in crafting
  11. No fast travel (Instant teleport, unless you have crystal but its limited) active-passive travel with some travel with routes and times.
  12. Mounts can be tamed and taken care of to make viable and better
  13. Server locked things such as races that can only be unlocked in server by completing questlines
  14. The ability to purchase or steal land with a Sims like creation system
  15. Trading system and auctions(silent and normal); player base economy trading outside town will cost more
  16. The game can be soloed but some dungeons can be too difficult so partying up may happen
  17. You can hire Party members; NPCs can be hired and player can join free or be hired.
  18. Player can own and manage towns or factions
  19. Players can own guilds and start alliances, higher level guilds have higher bonuses
  20. There will be unique and rarity based gear
  21. Maximum level may be 500 or 1000
  22. Stat allocation system with jobs and hidden jobs that can beef stats and give unique skills
  23. There are free skills to learn to employ mixes and difference in gameplay style
  24. The game is F2P but end game content is B2P, you can trade for the premium currency and subs
  25. The end game and subs can be donated with premium currency, there are huge bonuses for doing so.
  26. The shop is cosmetic with some quality of life items
  27. Chats will be moderated, beggars will be muted and chat logs and trades receipts will be saved for evidence of scams
  28. A discord, where players can keep to up to date with the devs and can a page to report game breaking bugs or exploits
  29. The discord and Reddit will be the main way for the community to keep in contact with the devs
  30. There will be schedule Devs silence or limited communication during huge updates to reduce false promises or spoilers

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