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My dream Star Trek game

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Just got the idea of Quantum Dream (Detroit Become human, Beyond 2 souls) or someone like them making a Star Trek game that takes ENTIRELY on a star ship. Maybe not one as large as the Enterprise, but definitely a smaller ship with perhaps 75 crew members.

The world should be EXTREMELY detailed. Think Skyrim level of detail, but scaled down to a ship. Every crew member should have his or her own quarters with his or her own background and personal decorations with a story in their quarters.

Every crew member has their own schedule and jobs (like in Oblivion but…better).

Every crew member should have their own side mission and you should be able to keep track of crew members like you could keep track of character schedules in Zelda Majora's Mask.

Everyone has interactions with everyone, and they especially have interations with you, like Mass Effect or Tell Tale games.

Can be either 3rd person or 1st person, but im thinking first person would be better.

You play as first officer. You make sure everything on the ship is running accordingly. Engineering, security, science, medical bay, etc all answer to you, but it's your job to make sure they have everything they need to function properly. This is the sim portion of the game.

How well everyone functions will dictate how well your battles go. You will have ship to ship battles, although political and diplomatic methods are preferred. Imagine wanting to have a peaceful resolution with the klingons or romulans, and a peaceful resolution is possible; however, a choice you made earlier in the game makes it impossible, and as such, you get into a battle. If you have done your job properly and engineering/security/medical etc all function properly, you do well in the fight. If you sucked and as such your crew sucks, well, you take heavy damage.


and in Fire Emblem like fashion, characters actually die. So you may have spent 10 whole hours trying to romance Ensign Lira Lwaxanton and BOOM, she was lost in a hull breach, her body lost to the vacuum of space.

You can have away missions, and they can be small load outs, like planet missions in mass effect 1 only….better.

You can choose your away mission crew. You think it's a good chance for Ensign Timmy Pascal to earn his promotion. The mission is going well, and you can tell Ensign Pascal is trying his earnest not to let you down. You cant help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for your crewman, youre definitely going to put in for his promotion.

THEN BOOM! He gets Tasha Yar'd bc you didnt choose your away team appropriately (like the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2).

Away mission combat would be ripped directly from XCOM. Ship to ship battle would be essentially the game "Star Trek Bridge Crew"

Everything else would be Tell Tale/Mass Effect/Quantum Dream/Majora's Mask/Fire Emblem choice making.

And last but not least: Holodeck. In addition to side missions specifically designed to be trippy (like most holodeck episodes), you can also just straight-up use the holodeck to grind individual crew members for away missions (think Mememtos from Persona 5)

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