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My experience so far on Return of Reckoning


Hello Reddit,

I'm not a usual user as this platform isn't widely known in my country, but I started enjoying it and its communities.

I've checked the list of MMOs on this subreddit and I couldn't find Warhammer Online, a game that was shut down in 2013 and brought back to life by an amazing team called "Return of Reckoning" – so I hoped I could give my 2 cents as a new player, since many of you don't know this gem, I believe a newbie feedback could have a truly honest review for anyone starting.

I. Brief description:
Return of Reckoning is an emulator/private server of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. It's an MMORPG that is purely about PvP, involving body blocking (tanks with shield walls, blocking keep/caslte doors and feeling the heat of the frontline), Tank/DPS/Heal roles, lots of AoE, siege weapons, door ramming, oil to pour on your enemies, etc.

Do you like PvP? It's for you.

II. Starting zones:
Starting zones, and the general leveling of 1-16 is a bit rough. There are 4 tiers:
Tier 1: Level 1 – 15
Tier 2/3: Level 16-39
Tier 4: Level 40

Why is it a bit rough? Less spells, lots of new players who might have not an idea of what they should do (like me, when I started) and since most people get pass Tier 1 in two or three days, the population for fresh levels is low. But all of this hassle will be done in 2 days, at least for me, a casual player.

Starting zones have PvE quests, PvP quests and Public Quests that numerous people can do at once. Public Quests can be either PvE or PvP. And yes, you can start PvPing and fighting the other faction since level 1.

III. Levels, and leveling:
The leveling process, in my opinion, is pretty easy. You can start doing everything once you hit level 40 (explained below). Gear will still put the better wearers in strongest positions, but it's not a huge issue as you can get competent/decent gear in a few weeks. That's way faster than other MMORPG games nowadays who make you sink in thousands of hours to stand a chance.

Levels are referred to as:
– PvP Level = Renown Rank (max rank is 80)
– PvE Level = Career Rank (max rank is 40)

Once you hit career rank 40 and renown rank 40, everything opens up for you. Every feature in the game. Career rank is the least important and renown rank is THE important rank/level since gear requirements is based on it.

IV. Gearing process:
The gearing process is decent, fun and never felt like a must have in X weeks. Unlike BDO for example, you either get that gear soon enough or you won't stand a chance doing anything.
Some parts of gears can be bought off the market and from players using the in-game chat channels, I believe that it wasn't like that before, because this was recently added as per yesterday's patch.

So are you worried about gearing? It's now easier than it ever was.

There are several sets for different tastes of gameplay and you can do PvE or PvP to get your class' specific BiS gear. I'm at 3 Vanquisher and 5 Invader items now. So I'm almost full Invader, the gear that is before the endgame gear: Soverign. Of course Soverign and Warlord sets take more time, but this is how every MMORPG works. If you have the end-game gear after 1 month of playing, then something is wrong.


V. Server activity:
I'd like to talk here about the player/community activity and the Return of Reckoning Team's activity:

  1. Player & Community:
    It's really, really active. More than you'd expect, but of course in prime time. That being said, most of the community is known to be older than other MMORPGS. So you have people constantly busy with their kids, or at work, or doing some other adult duties.
    With that in mind, I play in EU prime time mostly and there are often between 1'000 and 1'300 players. The community decides where to push, which zone to conquer and there are frequent warband leaders who by default command the faction. That's a really interesting factor.

  2. RoR Team:
    It's really weird. They don't accept donations, there's no cash shop, they don't have an incentive to develop/maintain and create new stuff for the game besides their love for that game.
    Yet, they have been releasing weekly patches. WEEKLY PATCHES for god's sake. That's something triple A companies with huge teams and millions in funds can't do.

VI. What's next?
I hope I am able to answer this question but oh boy, I'm so excited to know what could come next. So excited that I figured out

recently, 2 hours of questions and answers. WOAH.

After watching it on Youtube (I think it was livestreamed), I discovered something crazier and decided to dig deeper: Return of Reckoning has freaking Twitch Drops manually activated by Amazon's Twitch.

And that's not it, I heard Twitch Drops are coming back this holiday, on Christmas. So that would be my first time to participate and I hope it will be nice. The only Twitch Drops I participated in were Rocket League and I didn't get anything, not sure if I messed up but it was a no-no.

The Q&A also mentioned lots of new content coming in Q&A but they don't put timeframes because they have multiple reasons to delay projects. Which is understandable from a team that works on their free time.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Sorry if it's too long for you to read, I hope I helped anyone lost in what MMORPG to start this weekend. I personally wished I knew about Return of Reckoning earlier, so far a great experience. Some Game Masters are a bit rough as much as people say, but I assume they are handpicked so nothing to worry about – keep the rules and community safe 🙂


– Return of Reckoning is your optimal PvP MMORPG
– Tanks are actual tanks
– Body blocking is essential
– Strategic play is essential
– Team and players are really active
– Patches are released every week
– They have Twitch Drops
– There are lots of new coming stuff
– They do Q&A sessions, how awesome is that?

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