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My friends and I cannot decide on an MMO due to different needs. Please help us.

Gamingtodaynews1g - My friends and I cannot decide on an MMO due to different needs. Please help us.

We are 3 and we have been looking for a game for the past 2 months and we still cannot decide on what to play.


Right now, we’re currently playing GW2, or I should say ‘they’ are currently playing. They have introduced me to GW2 4 years ago, and I kid you not, I am still trying to get into the game and I absolutely cannot, hell I am online right now writing this lol. I have 3 level 80 characters, I have tried all types of content in the game and I did not enjoy a single second in anything.

I’ve been trying things only to have fun with friends, why do I not enjoy it? I talked a lot about the game before and why each content never appealed to me, but to keep it short, it is just “dull” in every single aspect, I cannot try any harder and force myself to like it, I gave it everything I could.

Another point is that story for me is very essential since I am very obsessed with RPGs and stories, and GW2’s story was one of the biggest turn offs for me, the “dullest” story I have ever played.

Now one of my friends (Felix) is fine with just sticking to raids, but only because he thinks there’s nothing else worth playing at this point, and is willing to change, but right now he thinks we should just stick to GW2.


To keep it short, this game is supposed to be the game that we leave GW2 for, but Felix has a financial issue with the game. He says $13 a month does not sound worth it for a game. He obviously can afford that, but he just thinks it is not worth paying $13 every month just to play a game. I myself would not have a problem as long as it brings me joy.



Since we cannot get into FFXIV, and GW2 is the most boring game. My personal and favorite pick is ESO. As I mentioned, I am very obsessed with in-game storiess, and I have read that in terms of story, ESO is immersive and has one of the best stories to dive into. It does not need to be a decent story, just something fun to play through. My secone reason is that I am a bug fan of the TES series, I have tons of hours in both Morrowind and Skyrim.

The issue is that Felix is not interested in stories at all, and that I have told him that the game focuses a lot on the story appeared to be a big turn off for him. He never liked RPGs and was never interested in GW2’s story.

TL;DR: We are three dudes, me, Felix, and Brandon.

Me: Want to get into ESO as I am a big fan of TES and love the fact that it has an in-game story, ok with FFXIV, fk GW2.

Felix: Prefers GW2 for raids, can’t do FFXIV, not interested in ESO due to the RP focus.

Brandon: Actually fine with everything as long as we play together lol, but he prefers switching to a new game.

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