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My Full Opinion on The Recent Nintendo Situation

Gamingtodaynews1f - My Full Opinion on The Recent Nintendo Situation

Within the passed few weeks, the Nintendo community has been on fire for so long, as Nintendo itself has been in the hot seat. With 2 sides coming to the conclusion that either

A.) nintendo is evil and becoming the new EA


B.) nintendo is in their right, and everyone else is just overreacting

But how did we get to this point. It was a series of circumstances that has happened this year.

1.) 2020 has been a wild ride with Nintendo. For starters the lack of a major Nintendo direct, holding Nintendo back a estimated of 5 months, and when they do come back it is a Mario themed direct with most of the games featured will no longer be available passed March 31st. Which struck a cord when the long awaited Super Mario 3D All•Stars, is just emulators at full price.

2.) In addition Nintendo announced a localization of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & The Blade of Light is not on the Nintendo Entertainment System Online Service for free, and is once again a limited release.

3.) Nintendo apparently also said that the Nintendo Joy-Con drift did not affect too many users negatively in the Recent class action lawsuit over joy-con drift.

4.) Following his is a shutdown of a fan made Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament, and shutting down a Splatoon tournament for teams using the hashtag #FreeMelee.

5.) A YouTuber received a variety of copyright strikes from YouTube for ripping and remastering Nintendo music.

6.) Finally they shut down the Etikons, a charity sale for custom joy-conz where all profits went to a mental health charity, In memory of Desmond Amofah who committed suicide.

I want to go through each of these points and figure out a single question “is nintendo evil?”

1- First the limited run of Super Mario Games. I actually can understand the limited releases of Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart Live Home Circuit. These are both expensive investments. And I think would make less sense if a company chooses to keep this around for long, especially with Nintendo when it’s often a gable if their hardware will be profitable or not. As for Super Mario 3D All•Stars, this is something Doug Bowser says they have no plans to do something like this again and it will be unlikely if they would, so it is very likely it will be re released. As well as this game appears to serve as a testing ground for N64 emulators, as in the emulator used, serval other N64 games was found. As for Super Mario Bros. 35 I have no clue why it’s being taken down.

2- it’s more than Likely that Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & The Blade of Light will be rerelease on Nintendo switch online, as it isn’t even available in non English speaking counties. It’s also nightly possible that March 31st is the end of a physical year for Nintendo.


3- the claim that Nintendo lied about the effects of joycon drift is a misconception, and it was a claim made to Nintendo by the prosecutor, not by Nintendo themselves.

4- though I do not think Nintendo should of shut down the tournament. I can understand if Nintendo has been cautious with the community. From the toxic backlash of the Byleth reveal, to the huge amounts of sexual misconduct in the community, especially with people they previously endorsed. As well as this was a claim made by Nintendo NA, as Nintendo of Europe and other assets of Nintendo has supported independent tournaments. Regional differences in companies act independently. In regards to the Splatoon tournament, once again, they shouldn’t of shut down the tournament, but they were using a series of hashtags used to directly get the attention of Nintendo, which might disrupt the flow as people may have different intentions than just participating. As well as with the aforementioned sexual misconduct in the community, they wouldn’t want to insight or expose a topic to potentially more minors. It would be a bigger PR nightmare then they are in right now.

5- these were clearly automated false flags. The claims happened all at once with random videos, not even a series of videos or the whole channel, just random hundreds of videos that could of only been done though YouTubes garbage copyright detection. Nintendo litterally had nothing to do with this

6- this is a sad thing for a man who did a Nobel thing. But there is a few things to remember. One, Nintendo, Gamefreak, and Niantic has honored Etika in Pokémon GO, supporting the Joycon Boyz title that he had introduced. So the issue isn’t the copyright issue itself, but a moral one. The family wasn’t given consent, and with a issue as big as Nintendo is in right now such as Joy-Con malfunctions theres a lot less quality control. As issues that could come from an error made the custom joy-cons could come as a blame to Nintnedo themselves.

So what’s my answer? Is Nintendo Evil? No, they aren’t a evil company. Most of the Issues came from Nintendo NA. I think they could of just handled the situation better, but it was nearly loose-loose for the most part. I do think they can still make a mistake, and can and should still be heavily criticized, they are not totally innocent. Nintendo has made charitable efforts in the past 3 years and still do up to this point, showing they still do care beyond making a profit. I feel as if each story has 2 sides, and I think not only does the consumer have rights to air out their concerns, but I also think a Company still has the ability to act and figure out profit methods with working with an ever depending community.

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