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My Honest Thoughts On Modern Gaming

Gamingtodaynews1b - My Honest Thoughts On Modern Gaming

First, I would like to give a little backstory so you can understand where my thoughts originally came from.

My first experiences with gaming were on the PS1 and PS2/PSP. Instead of going with the PS3, I instead got a laptop by 2008 to play a multiplayer mod from a game that originally didn't have it and this was technically my first experience with MP (looking back now I guess I didn't really regret my decision). Just had to install the mod and play, there was never any monetization or any technical difficulties, patches, downloads, etc. I loved it so much I played it through the entire PS3/360 generation, I even forgot those consoles existed at one point. However, eventually I was getting burned out and the server I played in was dying so I decided to try new things (I believe this already in 2012-2013).

So I came across Saints Row 3, it looked fun and… add on content/DLC? What's all that about? It was my first experience with DLC and I was already not a big fan of that, it felt a bit like a rip off. I didn't give it that much thought as I tried to get back into the "scene" to maybe find an experience similar to what I just had before and… yeah, I was very naive. Paid online was a thing, games started getting more expensive in my region, pre order bonuses, microtransactions, in game premium currencies, worthless discs (missing half of the content), creating accounts, a lot of highly monetized generic shooters… what the hell happened while I was missing in action? What happened to just putting the disc and play? (At this point, 2014, I switched from my laptop to a gaming PC with a disc drive)

I still tried to keep a positive mindset and looked at Sony again, with their exclusives which seemed like they weren't jumping into this monetization train and I liked what I saw with Bloodborne and Gravity Rush 2 in particular. So I got a PS4 since Sony exclusives seemed to be alright, until… the overly cinematic stuff showed up like God of War, Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, etc. I must say, I'm not a fan. These games take forever to "take off", they're slow, boring, repetitive, too much text and honestly, I wish they were just movies instead.


As for the wave of remasters and remakes, while I do like them, I also realize I could just very well be playing them on the original hardware and wouldn't really miss much, for me it shows the lack of creativity and greed in the industry + the fact that I prefer to play something "old" vs new is really telling. Pop ups to install a new firmware, update your game were constant and would block me from doing certain things until I downloaded and installed what they wanted. Let's not forget the malicious messages that could be sent by random accounts… it almost felt like I was on PC really. I also got annoyed at how "Only on Playstation" started meaning very little (Sony's little lies), half of the games I bought were getting ports to other platforms which bothered me because if I knew that, I would have bought them on PC instead.

Now, the final nail in the coffin for me are the next gen consoles, they're just doubling down on all of what I just said, making it even more expensive and having the threat of game streaming in the shadows. So I realized there is nothing in it for me. I am frustrated and disappointed with how modern gaming turned out. I thought that all the power and technology we had today would have been used to create amazing GAMEPLAY focused experiences. Because it feels like the Gameplay is the least important aspect of today's gaming. Anyway, I'm still somewhat playing modern games, just barely though. I'm close to going back to the PS2 era, expand my collection and maybe try out the Gamecube and original Xbox stuff I missed out on.

TL;DR: Missed out on the PS3/360 era, was shocked to see the crazy greed, still tried to get into it through the entire PS4 gen but didn't like cinematic stuff either. Although, I still play a few modern games.

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