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My Hopes For Ghost of Tsushima

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Last year at E3 2018, Suckerpunch debuted a short gameplay preview of their upcoming AAA project, Ghost of Tsushima, an open world action adventure samurai game, set in feudal Japan, the game takes place during the time of the Mongol empire invasion in 1274, and you have to fight to take back your homeland from this oppressive evil, and regain your people's freedom.

The game is meant to be a tribute to the classic Japanese action cinema, and at the same time, provide players with an in-depth look at a very important time in Japanese history.

The developers at Suckerpunch have stated before that they want the player to feel like they are having an authentic samurai experience. And from what I saw in the E3 demo it looked pretty authentic.

The combat looks great, fast paced, like it was something taken out of Kill Bill, but I shouldn't be surprised, the people behind this game, are the same ones responsible for the Infamous series, and they have been known for wanting to add as much realism to the player experience as possible, so it makes sense that they would want to pay attention to how the Japanese martial arts are represented here.

I couldn't help but notice how the part where he takes on three guys at once as part of some kind of special stealth takedown looked a lot similar to the fear multi-takedown mechanic in Batman: Arkham Knight. So I'm assuming that this is going to be an upgradeable skill that you gain later in the game.

I got to see the samurai combat interacts with against the different kind of weapon styles that the Mongol soldiers had in their arsenal, and I hope I get to see more of that a few months before the game's release. Maybe one where Jin Sakai has to fight three guys with spears, or him having to ride a horse while fighting three other soldiers on horses, I mean I already that you can ride a horse, so combat on a horse cant be that far off.


I know that sword play is gonna be a big element of the game, but I would also like to see if I could use a bow and arrow being used in the gameplay as well. I know that the samurai have a special way of fighting with the bow and arrow, so I'm thinking maybe I can use my sword to deflect arrows from enemies above, or I can use my bow and arrow for stealth kills from high perches.

Speaking of stealth, I got to see a small preview of the stealth elements in the game when I had to go into the temple to save the monk, so I'm hoping there's gonna be some ninjitsu elements involved, maybe later in the game I'll be able to unlock throwing knives or shuriken stars, maybe poison darts, if that works in the era the game's set in.

Another feature I'm hoping to see is being able to either upgrade, or change the sword I'm using curved blade katana to a straight blade one. And also if I can, maybe change the outfit I'm wearing between gis and armour, although I'm guessing the developers might have Jin's appearance connected to the game's story, so it probably wont have that feature. But I'm hoping it will, cause I would love the opportunity to dress him up like a ninja.

Seeing that this game is also set in feudal Japan, I'm also hoping I get to hear the characters talk about the Bushido code, and how the tenets apply to the kind of situation, and how they feel like the code might change. A lot of people who study study Japanese culture know that the Bushido code is a big part of the life of a samurai, so it'll be interesting to see how the tenets of honor, loyalty, self-control, and many others will be tested during this time in history.

These are just some of the things I'm hoping to see come out of the game when it's released, hopefully Suckerpunch will release a new trailer with gameplay footage soon, maybe an extended demo at PSX 2019? If not, guess I'm just gonna have to wait till 2020 which is when they said it'll be set for release.

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