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My Ideal MMO in 2010

Gamingtodaynews1b - My Ideal MMO in 2010

I'm pretty sure there's literally nothing like this that already exists, so maybe I'll have to become a game dev.

  • Large open world, zoning is okay. Examples of open worlds done well are: WoW, FFXI, Vanguard, EQ, EQ2, EQOA

  • PVE content that is varied, and immersive, and has options. The quests should feel like "quests." Killing 10 rats is not a "quest." it's fine if there's some level of monotonous to it, but not "quest hub to quest hub." FFXI was great at this the quests in the game were not required, but had items that were useful for tasks in the game like maps and other things, and the quests were all involved, you had to do a lot of traveling, going to zones that were dangerous, collecting items that you need before you go. It was very involved.. it wasn't "Kill 10 rats" and come back….

I think Runescape 3, OSRS, Everquest and EQOA were all good examples of this type of play. I don't necessarily need to go to a spot with a group to "camp" mobs for hours on end, but when I do group up for "quests" there should be something deep and involved about them, and the reward should make sense for the amount of time and effort. FFXI has many good examples of this.. like the Artifact Armor quests, getting your chobobo and airship access, unlocking your subjob, and others. You're still doing mundane tasks, but they are spread out and strung together in a way that makes it feel like you're going on an adventure.

  • PVP content (optional) I realize that PVP is always going to be hit or miss, and most games that have any of the other qualities that I have described, usually have crap PVP. If the game is going to have PVP, in order to keep the experience immersive, I don't care about instanced battlegrounds or arena.. the PVP should be out in the world because the world should not only be dangerous because of mobs, but because of other players. Full loot is not required, but I do love a good criminal system similar to Archeage or UO.

  • Non combat PVE. I find that the most fun I have in MMO's sometimes, does not involve killing anything. I enjoy crafting, collecting things, participating in fun mini games, taming animals, etc. This also adds to the roleplay element.

  • Fast travel should be limited. Meaning, you can't just teleport everywhere. At the very least, you need to have traveled to the location at least once, in order to fast travel there.. or.. fast travel can be something that you unlock by doing some challenging content similar to unlocking airships, outpost warps, teleport crystals and more.. in FFXI.

  • Classes are interesting enough, and different enough, and balanced enough that you can choose to play what you enjoy, and not worry about whether it is the best or most viable. WoW is notorious for it's flavor of the month classes, and players who number crunch every aspect of the game, and will refuse to play anything but the most powerful builds/races/etc. This takes all of the fun out of being a unique character in the world. You choose your class based on what your playstyle is, and not what will get you the most groups.

  • The world is not made to be obsolete when a new expansion comes out. In games like WoW, when a new expansion hits, pretty much every zone outside of the expansion content zones is useless and there's 0 point in returning to any of them. Where as FFXI has missions and things that span the entire game world sending you back to places you were at when you were level 1.

  • Leveling, can be traditional levels or skill based leveling. I feel like I prefer skill based leveling, because that makes your character more unique, and you don't have this "number" to reach that will determine when you have reached the end. So you focus on the journey and not the destination.

  • Story is the backbone of any good RPG, yet.. most MMORPG's completely ignore that very important part of it's namesake. WoW's story, while there is one.. isn't particularly well done, even though there's tons of lore there to explore. FFXI's storyline is one of the best, not just in mmo's but in rpg's in general. FFXIV's storyline I hear is the same. If the game is more sandboxy, there's not going to be as well developed of a story, but then there's other stuff to do to help you create your own story within the world. I simply don't care what is happening in World of Warcraft, because it is completely overshadowed by the get to 60 as fast as possible and gear up, mentality.

  • Interesting mechanics/gameplay that isn't just "dungeons/raids." In fact, I'm totally fine with no instanced dungeons whatsoever, but I do understand that in 2021, it's something that's useful for the more casual player.. and I being kind of a casual player now, understand their usefulness, but I don't want to be able to just queue and never leave the city. You shouldn't be able to just sit in a city and queue for dungeons all day. Either give the dungeons a lock out timer, or require the player to do a series of tasks in order to unlock the ability to auto queue/teleport to a dungeon without actually travelling there.

  • Mounts: Should be tameable like UO, you can buy them as well, or do quest chains to unlock them. I hate mounts as "Drops" because that makes them into an impossible grind.

I think that covers most of the core features.. other things I'd like to have but aren't 100% necessary..

  • Housing (EQ2 does it best) FFXIV is a closer runner up. It can be instanced (so that everyone can buy a house) but other players should be able to visit you.

I don't think there's a current game on the market that does all of these things well.

I think you'd have to combine, FFXI with EQ2, with EQ, with RS3, with Vanguard, with Darkfall or something.. to get this game. Maybe it's just a pipe dream.

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