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My ideas for Super Mario Odyssey 2!

Gamingtodaynews1b - My ideas for Super Mario Odyssey 2!

Hi everyone! I thought it would be cool to share my ideas for a Mario Odyssey sequel 🙂 I plan to make a Youtube video, too! Comment your ideas below as well!


Mario stories are really simple, but this one is a little different! Although I am not quite sure who the villain will be, I don't want it to be Bowser. Anyway, here it is: After exploring space in the Odyssey, Mario and Peach set a course home, when an asteroid hits the Odyssey! Causing it to crash land on a different Earth-like planet (For level convenience and not retreading old ground). Mario and Peach crash land on opposite sides of the planet, and must reunite in the center. This means after major story beats, you swap between Mario and Peach! Of course after you finish story kingdoms or the game, you can swap at will and visit each kingdom as each character.


The capture mechanic returns of course, and with it is a few other things. Mario is still an all-rounder character, and Peach has her hover from Mario 2. But a new gimmick is that when playing as Mario, there will be a "rescue Luigi" mission, similar to Galaxy. After rescuing him, Balloon World unlocks for that Kingdom. While I would like him playable, I feel Peach offers a more fun alternative than Luigi. For Peach, how about we have her team up with Bowser? He wouldn't be there always, you would have to call him or something (Somehow, maybe have a Bowser call spot?). He would play exactly like he did when captured by Mario in Odyssey, and would be great for moon puzzles! After beating the story, both Mario and Peach can use both gimmicks.


Honestly I can't think of tons, I love captures but I'm crap at thinking of some. I can definitely think of existing Mario enemies to capture, though! A pokey, boo, and wiggler capture could be super fun!


My favorite part of Mario Odyssey was definitely Kingdoms! It is just so fun to speculate themes and levels that could be included. This section will be put into 3 tiers:

-New Kingdoms (New Kingdoms with Purple Coins, Story Beats, Moons, and Sub Areas) 15

-Bridge Kingdom (A very small Kingdom only used for a boss fight and a handful of moons) 2

-Returning Kingdoms (Kingdoms returning from past games and Mario Odyssey 1) 5

New Kingdoms

  1. Garden Kingdom (A giant garden, based off of Pikmin) Mario Level
  2. Sweet Sweet Kingdom (A Kingdom made out of cake and candy) Peach Level
  3. Cave Kingdom (An underground mine, with glowing stone) Mario Level
  4. Techno/Music Kingdom (A gigantic club that's puzzles revolve around music! Peach Level
  5. Wild West Kingdom (Similar to the Sand Kingdom, but with a Frontier theme) Mario Level
  6. Temple/Ruins Kingdom (Think Whomp Ruins from MK8 and a jungle!) Peach Level
  7. Haunted Mansion Kingdom (Boos and such would be here) Mario Level
  8. Carnival Kingdom (Think Pinna Park from Sunshine, but way larger!) Peach Level
  9. Arabic/Indian Kingdom (A Kingdom like Shy Guy bazaar from MK7) Mario Level
  10. Bermuda/Archipelago Kingdom (Like the Muda Kingdom from SML) Peach Level
  11. Toy Kingdom (This could have enemies like Mechakoopas) Mario Level
  12. Sewer/Pipe Kingdom (Like the NDC sewers and Pipeland from SMB3) Peach Level
  13. Boardwalk Kingdom (Like Toad Harbor from MK8) Mario Level
  14. Classic Kingdom (A level that celebrates all things Nintendo) Peach Level
  15. Core (The core of the planet, acts as a volcano/lava level) Mario & Peach Level

Bridge Kingdoms

  1. Fall/Autumn Kingdom (Have the boss be on top of or inside a large Maple Tree) Mario Level
  2. Factory Kingdom (Have the boss be on a large rotating arena/conveyer belt) Peach Level

Returning Kingdoms (Post Game, after returning to Earth)

  1. Sunshine Kingdom (Delfino Plaza, this game's version of Peach's Castle) Mario & Peach Level
  2. Sand Kingdom (Now with some new ruins and areas, takes place at night) Mario & Peach Level
  3. Cloud Kingdom (Expanded into a fully explorable level) Mario & Peach Level
  4. Metro Kingdom (Also Expanded, new areas and always at night) Mario & Peach Level
  5. Ruined Kingdom (Expanded and fully explorable) Mario & Peach Level

Hidden Finale Level

  1. Galaxy Kingdom (This games version of Darker side, has the Observatory and Galaxy physics, with an entrance to the final challenge level of the game) Mario & Peach Level

Those are all my ideas! Like I said, i'll adapt this into a video soon! Tell me your thoughts!

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