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My mmorpg idea

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Minecraft, Wizard101, destiny, Dark souls games including sekiro and bloodborne, other classic mmorpgs like wow.


An open world mmorpg that has pvp/pve in all areas besides safety zones, rewards skilled players instead of over powered players, has an economy, jobs, and a focus on you being able to do whatever you want to do. That could be getting married starting a family or going out and completing the story and getting strong gear and armor.

In-depth Ideas for the game: (Everything here is subject to change including the names I say for things like “adventurer”)

Open world:

The entire game will have no loading screens and be on one huge map. There will be different biomes across the map and seasonal activities, there will be different nations all with there own politics and history, besides the main cities there will be different districts in every nation. In the main city you spawn in there may be cities and tiny towns and even smaller villages with farms etc… there will be different areas to explore for example you can go under water and find secret areas or creatures, there will be mountains to clime and go across. If you want to become adventure and explore the world you will be gifted a free horse so that you may travel faster and don’t feel like your getting no where.

What are your options?

You can join small villages and farm, get jobs in the army if your strong enough, you can start a family buy a house get married, you can become a politician, you can put money into the stock market, become a traveler and trade without the fear of being attacked by monsters. You can become a adventurer and quest and find out more about the lore and story of the game. Some options will be limited because of the story narrative but the goal would be to give you enough options to feel like you aren’t on a leash. You can add quest for adventurers to do and in return you get items and pay them money, the best way to earn money is being an adventurer however you face many dangers like other players robbing you, or being killed by monsters.


The story isn’t a large part of the game. The goal of the story is to explain the world you live in. There’s no big story moments that change the world you going through the lore and story however will give you a different perspective on what it means to be an adventurer and even second guess the kingdom you serve. The story in the game will be told through lore and ancient beings maybe dragons witches fairies angels etc… my plan would be to make the story extremely long by the end of it you should also be extremely strong.

Class system:

There’s no specific classes in this game. There’s a bunch of different weapons you can use standard ones being a sword and bow, you have skill points that you can use to improve how good you are with a specific weapon, to improve how deadly your weapon is you can buy ones from the NPC shop, get materials in the world that are dropped from monsters to craft them, or buy them in the player shops. There won’t be a limit on how many skill points you an get however the higher you go into a specific weapon the harder it is to get them.

Towards the middle of the story you will sort of have a subclass elemental type of power that enhances your abilities a ton and they basically effect how your weapons work and give the game a more fantasy type of feel besides realistic.



The game will be extremely difficult however in return to that difficulty you are rewarded power. At the beginning of the game you will be struggling to kill basic things like lions and bears and at the end of the game you will be fighting huge world monsters and dragons. As I said before the game rewards skill, there will be blocking, counters, combos, etc… in the combat system you can spend hours finding strategies to fight. A level 1 person can defeat a level 100 person if they are highly skilled however it’s still extremely difficult as they are so powerful.

Combat system:

If you are a melee focused class you will have a lock on to target option which is basically the way to play the game. You will have a dodge. block, and attack combo options. There will also be jumping that you can do that also changes how combat works but these will probably be available longer into the story. If your long ranged let’s say a bow. You will have to aim and fire to hit targets. It’s a high skill curve however you also have a dodge no lock on but your bow does crazy damage especially lower level pvp. The arrow will have a draw time and reload time however further into the game you can increase that time and perform crazy combos like jumping into the air and shooting 5 shots in one area.

Besides combat you will have companions to help you fight. At the beginning of the game there are horses which can charge and run over other players dealing damage. Further into the game you can be gifted pets that grow into full creatures but as babies give combat boost but don’t fight for you. You can tame bears and lions to ride and also fight alongside you. There are also creatures underwater you can tame. If your an archer you can shoot your bow while riding on your horse. There will also be flying creatures in the game.


Inflation is a thing that ruins player economies in most mmorpgs. To try to fix this, player killing is a thing. If you have loot in you and die ALL of your loot will drop on the ground however if you do it near a city you can be hunted and jailed for killing another player and they will get there loot back. It’s only worth player killing I your far out or in another country. If you own a house there are monthly fees, you don’t get money from killing monsters or completing dungeons you only get money from completing the quest ordered from you. This way you can’t just Farm creatures for money. You have to repair your items so you will be spending money on this and mostly everything in the game. Even a fee for being an adventurer.


Basic materials can be harvested through the world but you will have a limits backpack size that you have to increase if you want to store more items throughout your journey. Stuff like diamonds and crystals you have a pickaxe for and wood for trees you have an axe for.


You can parkour like assassins creed on buildings and through the environments like trees and mountains.


There will be a form of transmog in the game. All players before entering the game can change there appearance however they cannot change there clothing they start off with. There will be no micro transactions or loot boxes. If you want cooler looking clothing you can craft them or go to more expensive cities to buy nice clothing. Armor is very impactful and specific. There is armor that has weight to it, if your character isn’t strong enough to have the specific weapon and armor equipped you cannot equip it. And would have to increase your strength stat which is specific to players and not weapons. All weapons and armor will have weight to them. Besides armor and weapons other things that give you stat boost are your companion, which have a weight limit that they can support, jewels and necklaces etc…

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