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My mom unknowingly met Troy Baker+Nolan North & this is her story about them

Gamingtodaynews1g - My mom unknowingly met Troy Baker+Nolan North & this is her story about them

This happened over summer at San Diego Comic Con & they were doing a signing for the new Avengers game & at this point I haven't seen the trailers yet so I didn't even know they were part of the project.

After our trip to the con, my mom showed me a poster at home, she got signed by the VA's that she just randomly got in line for because I was at a panel somewhere else & knows I love PS4/games in general.

During the con, I texted her to go ahead fall in line if it's not too long/she's not busy doing anything else.

I didn't realize who signed it until I checked the trailer, heard Nathan Drake & Delsin Rowe in CGI Avengers cosplay chatting with each other, then I cross checked their autographs on google vs the poster she got signed, & freaked the fuck out

She said "that blonde guy was the most interactive and loud of all them. He was cool"

Apparently the VA's liked how bluntly honest my mom was with them.

Troy Baker was first to talk to her then she said "Look I'll be honest. I don't know any of you or what you do but I'm here for my son who is off somewhere. He texted me to get this signed by you guys since he follows you."

"Follows us?"

"I don't have uh social media"

"Ohhh okay. So how're you doing today?"

"Ehh.. I'm tired but I'm happy."

Troy Baker's face lights up, turns to the other VA's & yells across the table

"HEY GUYS DID YOU HEAR THAT? She says that even if she's tired, she's happy. This mom is cool. Let's make sure that we all sign this poster NICE AND BIG for her son!"

while doing that hand gesture of signing stuff but super exaggerated like he's miming how big their autographs should be filling the edges of the poster


Then she told me "there was a white dude with brown hair sort of bantering with him by saying 'YA WE HEARD YOU NO NEED TO YELL MAN"

I told her I was pretty sure that was Nolan North lol

When she got to Nolan North, she explained again that she has no clue who they all are but is there for me.

He said "Damn…. you're very blunt I respect that. Thanks so much for waiting out here for your kid. You're a good mom"

My mom said the other VA's were super nice & thanked her for waiting in line while my mom told them she "looks forward to hearing their voices blast from my headphones in a few months" but said Troy/Nolan were the most hilarious

Then all the VA's who were told by security to speed up the line, since they would pause for like a full minute to chat with my mom

Then when I showed her pictures of them online she pointed out which picture resembles them most at the time she met them like

"Troy had a certain hairstyle when I saw hi-YEAH THAT ONE"

She was confused at Nolan's pics because the "guy looked way younger in person than the photos on google images look. Whoever took these pictures did a terrible job."

I then showed her the Last Of Us BTS clip where Troy was pranked to do singing during their mocap scene of the ending of the game & my mom said

"Holy shit he can sing?!? He could play Jesus Christ or something…."

I completely agreed.

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