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My Next Game?

Gamingtodaynews1b - My Next Game?

I've always loved Korean MMO's, not the level grind, but the bossing and PVP mechanics, and how familiar the hotkeys are. However, i've always hated how many Korean MMO's have such a large pay to win element to them.

I've played a fair amount of world of warcraft too, and i appreciate that its subscription based. The game has an unlimited amount of content. Many classes, Strong pvp, strong pvm, mount farming, gold farming, twinking, and old content isn't irrelevant because of unique drops. I could go on. Although, the PVM and PVP are extremely click intensive and serious. The community is extremely unforgiving when it comes to not knowing boss fights, and its impossible to accomplish end game content alone. For me, the constant need to team up with people for ANY end game progression, is a huge inconvenience. This type of play requires nolifing. You dont know when everybody is going to be on, if that time doesnt work for you then you're screwed, and everything is so complicated that you need to all be in teamspeak, or raidcall, because otherwise everything is a mess.

I've played Runescape which is subscription based. Everything is accomplishable through game play, (As apposed to micro transaction) and the game rewards hard work. Almost every boss is soloable if you're really good, but you can also pvm with friends. Same with PVP. You can solo pvp in low wildy and have fun, or you can solo pvp in deep wildy but risk teams. You can also pvp with teams in areas with highly rewarding pvm monsters which makes everything come together. The game has a strong balance between solo play and social play. HOWEVER, runescape is a HUGEEEEEEEE -NEVER ENDING GRIND.


I want a game that has the feel of a korean MMO (cookie cutter ability pvp and pvm dominated by 35% skill 65% gear. I want the fantasy aspects and character selection world of warcraft has, including its diversification of different pvp and pvm (I would love if there was some sort of ranked pvp). Lastly the mixture between soloable game play and team game play like runescape offers… without the crazy never ending grind. Ultimately i want to pay a subscription, its the only way to avoid bullsh*t micro transactions that remove important elements of a game and make whoever is most financially willing to spend on the game, the top dog. I want to be able to hit max lvl in 20 hours or less. I want the game to have a decent player base. I'm not apposed to newly released games. I guess i dont want it to be that hard to get good and then have fun. I want 80% of Maxed out end game character to be not super hard to obtain, but then the last 20% get more and more grindy. That way i i dont have to spend a DUMB amount of time to just participate in harder content. My nolifing days are behind me, i dont have the energy or the time any more to spend 10 or 15 hours a day to make minimal progress. I'm also done with games where 1 person can get so much better than casual players that he can take on 20 people in pvp at once, and some how come out on top. By having a 80/20 (Obtainable/Hard Grind) ratio, the balance of the game would stay in check. Its possible that everybody is so obsessed with squeezing as much money out of games as possible that they dont care about balance anymore, but thats what i hope to find.

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