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My opinion about “Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story” documentary.

Gamingtodaynews1e - My opinion about "Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story" documentary.

The first 3 episodes are great.

Episode 4 and 5 seem a bit mediocre to me and with a wrong focus that is not the real one. Apart from that being "The Story of Nintendo" but they don't talk about the last changes of the presidents and how Iwata was important to the company with his ideas, nor about the way in which Koizumi is important to the industry. Iwata only makes an appearance in the typical scene where he appears with Wii in hand during E3.

They talk about Nintendo as if it were becoming a development for mobile devices, when mobile devices only account for between 2-5% of Nintendo's annual turnover and investment. In addition to the fact that they themselves have commented many times to both shareholders and the public that mobile phones are not a main product, but a way for more people to want to buy a dedicated system (Switch in this case). I'm surprised that they even think that Pokémon GO is literally from Nintendo or a Nintendo Development, or that they talk that Nintendo's great asset is Super Mario Run on mobile, or as if Super Mario Run was the new great game or the next great episode in Mario's history. The final part of the documentary is far from reality. The main games of its franchises and where Nintendo continues to put all the effort (and budget) continue to be and will be dedicated consoles and great titles like Mario Odyssey and BOTW on Switch, or as Mario 3DWorld was on WiiU, Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 or Zelda TP and SS on Wii, or Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime and Zelda WW on GameCube, etc etc etc.The final part and especially from the GameCube seems to treat Nintendo as something inferior, as if they were no longer great or no longer did things like Zelda BOTW or new big Mario installments, instead of highlighting Mario Odyssey, Mario Run stands out, is for laughter.


One of the main problems that I find in the documentary series is that Iwata is hardly talked about, it is not said who was the one who succeeded Yamauchi.

It is not said that he was the one who bet on the idea of ​​DS and Wii, as well as WiiU and 3DS and that he was also the one who started the idea of ​​Switch.

But especially what seems to me far from reality is that they try to make believe that Nintendo is now focused on developments for smartphones and that the new large installments of its franchises are deliveries for smartphones, when the reality is that only 3-5% of the Nintendo investment is for smartphone games. And the billing they receive from mobile devices is equally 3-5% of total annual billing. And that of course Mario Run is not the new main installment of Mario nor does it pretend to be, the main deliveries are still the new dedicated games with great budget, great quality and innovative games such as Mario Odyssey, But the documentary believes that Nintendo's new approach and that the new major installments are games for mobile devices, all that is so wrong 🙁 .

Here the trailer.

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