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My opinions on Kurtzpel. Good looking disappointment.

Gamingtodaynews1f - My opinions on Kurtzpel. Good looking disappointment.

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If you're unfamiliar with Kurtzpel, there is a trailer for the game linked at the bottom of this post as well as my own a first impression/review that basically covers everything I'm talking about here if you're more of a video type of person.

I had heard about Kurtzpel through various MMO news youtubers, I was preoccupied with other games at the time of its release, so didn't bother checking it out until I was ready. All this time in the back of my mind I was imagining and hoping that it would capture me with a very similar gameplay loop to that of Vindictus. I love vindictus, skills, gears, leveling, awesome combat, great boss fights, and decent enough PvP. I knew well enough that Kurtzpel was a more PvP focused game to begin with, I was excited for that, Vindictus' PvP always interested me, but I never got fully into it. So I was excited to try it out, but I was horribly disappointed.


First impressions of the combat were absolutely great, the first boss fight was awesome. You get plenty of time to get dodging down, try out your abilities, and learn how to use the break meter which functions like a stun mechanic.

For the first hour of so of the game, you're doing solo boss fight dungeons with little bits of cutscenes sprinkled in, savor them, its the last time youll see those cutscenes I guess, I never saw anymore. Upon completing each little chain of solo boss fights, you'll unlock whatever karma was corresponding to that chain. So by completing those you unlock the Guantlet and magic stave karma. Once you complete all of them, the games main game play loop starts, you have access to all of those boss fights again without the story attached to them. From this point on all of them will be co-op, and heres where the combat begins to fall apart. Kurtzpel uses peer to peer matching, which leads to lag, studdering, and starts to hurt the fluid nature of the action combat. While dying in these fights isnt incredibly punishing, its still frustrating to be trying your best, only to have the connection not cooperate with you and place you in the incorrect spot after you dodge, or have input lag on everything you do.

Pvp is so much worse, now its connecting 4 of you with peer to peer and its just an absolute spam fest. This game feels like it was made for pve first, you can get stun locked so easily in pvp and its horrible. Getting stun locked, fine, getting stun locked because again, your connection is all over the place, not fine and just frustrating. I do not enjoy Kurtzpel PVP at all, and maybe I would be easier on the game if there was more PVE content and progression wasnt awful. Speaking of progression…



Kurtzpel has by far the worst progression system I've ever seen in a game. You don't have a character level and an experience bar, rather your karmas have experience pools and youre leveling them up. Your also leveling up your affinity with each NPC, and gaining affinity levels with them unlocks more items, and in the case of Reinhart, shes were you get most of your gear to fill you empty gear slots. So, how do you gain affinity with these npcs? Well, each NPC has a chance to appear after you complete any mission, pvp included, talking to Reinhart will increase the chance that one of these NPCs will appear. If one does appear, you then have an RNG dialogue system, choosing the right choice will continue the conversation gaining more points, choosing the wrong will end the conversation there. The issue here is there is no way to determine what option is correct and which isnt. 100% completely random, and progression is just luck based. On top of the fact that each mission has a 1% chance to drop 1 item, nothing wrong with low drop chances, but this is the only gear i can see I can get as I started the game. What makes it better? You can just buy those items off the steam community market place, yeah, mostly all of it, even karma ability crystals, like, holy pay to win bat man, like, literally. Guess I shouldn't be surprised though, keep in mind they locked the other 2 karmas they released behind a pay wall until the community spoke loud enough to tell them that was the dumbest idea ever.



I had some high hopes or expectations of Kurtzpel, and it could be a much better game if progression was fixed and some sort of server system was put in place. There were other things I could've talked about, character customization and performance and all that, but I just wanted to talk about the things I disliked the most.

Have you played Kurtzpel? What'd you think of it?

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