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My overall Subnautica opinion (10+ hours in game) (tldr; early access like gameplay)

Gamingtodaynews1e - My overall Subnautica opinion (10+ hours in game) (tldr; early access like gameplay)

It's still feels like early access, to be honest.

But, I'm going to start with pros.

Game is amazing. I love horror games very much, and did not expect this game to give me those feelings, also because I already played it 2 years ago on PC. Somewhere after reaching 300 depth and exploring biomes you start just to feel terrified of what lives there. You listen to every sound and try to check every angle of your view if there are some hostile creatures. When you try to swim far away from lifepod, like very far away, you will encounter something utterly terrifying and chicken back to safe area.

The story and overall feeling of game is great! This is best sandbox underwater game out there.

Sounds awesome, music awesome, design, models and interfaces also awesome!

I would recommend it to anyone right now, but, unfortunately, the game has many deal-breaker cons.

You don't feel safe about your stuff and game saving. Also, there is only 1 save file available and it always overwritten on new saving. No autosave feature in the game at all.

If you play more than 1 hour – save frequently. Like 5 minutes. Yeah, no joke. More playing without saving? Game will start dropping FPS, biomes will load poorly, and if you save – it likely will crash.

Also, don't try to swim across many biomes at once. Game will play like slideshow. Huge FPS drop. And it won't recover, until restart.

Game still gives you huge opportunity to mess up everything badly just by not restricting many places and actions.

Wan't to find entrance to Aurora? Good luck stucking in the walls without bounds forever, also breaking your Seamoth with invisible walls and ceilings.


You visit Aurora again? Well, every state of every object being reset. You need to cut doors, extinguish fire, collect items again. Thank god game saves which pda data you already added to yours. But pdas lying around being reset too. They just does not add anything new you your pda.

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After visiting Aurora you collect second dive level update for Seamoth? Well, maybe 2 same modules will boost up diving depth. Don't try this. After save-load Seamoth will lack every module in it. Something happens within game code and it thinks probably "hm did… did player try to break the game? better to remove every module at all from the Seamoth, also with items in storage module"

Sometimes there are holes in the biomes. And they are not "preloading stuff" holes, which will be pached up in front of your eyes in couple seconds. Legit holes. You can swim into them and be out of bounds of the world.

Very, very poor speed of biomes loading. You swim across empty water and then suddenly a rock right in front of you.

Also, mushroom biome is the worst. Mushrooms dissapear as soon as you look other way and reapper in front of your eyes, but with delay.

I know game was developed in Unity, but man, those hard-optimization tactics just kills the mood.

I think the game is great and I will continue to play it despite cons. Well, I will surely stop playing it when the only save file will be corrupted or something. And after playing it for 10+ hours I can tell you – I have feeling in my gut, that something will happen soon, which will break the safe file completely.

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