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My Personal Wishlist for Splatoon 3 for the Nintendo Switch

Gamingtodaynews1f - My Personal Wishlist for Splatoon 3 for the Nintendo Switch

As we all know, February’s Nintendo Direct brought Splatoon fans some very exciting news! At the end of that Direct, we found out that Nintendo is releasing Splatoon 3 sometime in 2022. As someone who really enjoys playing Splatoon 2, I was very happy to see that another Splatoon game was coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Now when it comes to this wish list, I do know that we don't have a whole lot of information, so some of this stuff is hypothetical, depending on whether or not they remove certain things from Splatoon 3 that were in Splatoon 2.

Discussion Points:

  1. To start off, I’ll focus on the single player portion of what I would like in Splatoon 3. But there’s really only one thing that I want to be added to Splatoon 3 in terms of its campaign.
    1. Personally, I like Splatoon 2’s campaign. But after playing a few levels, I get quite bored. It’s pretty much the same thing each level, but you may use a different weapon, encounter a different enemy, or you may have a slight change when it comes to how you maneuver throughout the level. The campaign is solid within itself, but I do think that the campaign could be improved if they spent the time on it. I know that this idea is far-fetched, but I would really like Splatoon 3’s campaign to be a little bit more open world. I think I would like to see Splatoon 3 offer a little bit more exploration in its campaign. For example, a good example of this would be Super Mario Odyssey. Super Mario Odyssey was the perfect balance of open world exploration and linear gameplay in my opinion. I am definitely not wanting something Breath of the Wild style in terms of exploration, but I feel that Super Mario Odyssey’s layout could possibly work for their campaign. Do I think this will happen? Nope, not at all, but I had to mention it for my wish list because I really think they have the talent to make it happen!
  2. In regards to the multiplayer aspect of Splatoon 3, there are quite a few changes I would like to see them implement in this game.
    1. The first thing that comes to my mind is that I really think Splatoon 3 should implement some type of voting system for what map the lobby wants to play. As much as I love the maps in Splatoon 2, playing the same maps over and over and over again gets tiring, especially during long gaming sessions. I feel like if they were to implement a map voting system, then we would not have to worry about playing the same two maps over and over until they rotate to the next two maps. If Splatoon 3 did not offer some type of map voting system, at least let us vote between the two maps that are being given to us. In Splatoon 2, it feels like I play on the same map at least 7 times until I finally get the opportunity to play the other map that is available in the rotation. And the thing is, Splatoon has fantastic maps for their online multiplayer, and I feel that it is a shame that we are withheld to two maps for a certain time period before they rotate. Let us vote Nintendo!
    2. Something else I would like to see in Splatoon 3’s multiplayer is more game modes for those who do not want to or cannot play ranked or league matches . As much as I enjoy turf war, it does get old after playing many consecutive matches. Offering more modes to those who may not want to play ranked or league would help spice up the online multiplayer in my opinion! And the thing is, they have these types of modes in league and ranked play! In Splatoon 2, they could have easily utilized the ranked game modes for beginner players. I say this because when I first started playing ranked on Splatoon 2, I was so used to turf war that I was super confused on what I was supposed to do, and I felt like I was letting my teammates down in the long run. Even if they did not want to add those league and ranked modes to us casual players that do not play them that often, there are a ton of other things they could do for the online multiplayer in Splatoon 3. For example, they could give us some sort of capture the flag type game mode. Or they could give us a spin off of domination, team deathmatch, or whatever other game mode that comes to mind. For casual Splatoon players, having multiple modes would probably help them not get bored by playing turf war constantly.
      1. Also, if they were to implement more game modes for us to play, it would nice if they separated them into different playlists. So if we were to get online, we would see playlists like Turf War, Capture the Flag, Rainmaker, etc all separated for us. Do I see this happening? Not at all, but here’s to hoping that something like this is put in Splatoon 3.
    3. Another element I would love to see get implemented in Splatoon 3 is the ability to create custom classes and change them in game. Sometimes when I’m playing Splatoon 2, I get into a game where I am definitely using the wrong weapon in order to defeat the enemy team. And guess what, I am stuck with that particular load out until the game ends. However, if Splatoon 3 were to implement some sort of class system that you see used in games like Call of Duty or even Battlefield, I think that would solve a lot of those issues. Honestly, if they just gave us three custom slots for classes, I think that would be plenty to start off with. And if they wanted to incentive players even more, possibly every 10 levels, you unlock a new custom class slot. Of course, this would be somewhat difficult to implement because of clothing items that you can use in the game as well, but even then, those could be added to the custom class system as well!
    4. Honestly, this one is never going to happen, but I had to throw it in the video because this is probably my biggest pet peeve when it comes to Nintendo’s Online service. But for the love of my sanity can we please just get rid of the awful Nintendo app that is used to communicate with our teammates. If games like Rogue Company, Fortnite, and other third party games can simply use game chat, I feel that Nintendo can make the same happen with Splatoon 3. Some game modes require people to work together, and you cannot do that when you cannot speak to them because of the requirements that Nintendo has in order to even communicate with other people in the game. So Nintendo, if you ever see this, please, help us out.
  3. And last but least, we get to talk about Salmon run from Splatoon 2. Now obviously I’m speculating that they are going to bring this back. We actually have no idea whether or not Splatoon 3 is going to have salmon run in its game. However, for this next point, I am going to assume that Salmon Run is in Splatoon 3 for the purpose of this video.
    1. For starters, they need to make Salmon Run available all the time. Nothing is worse than booting up Splatoon 2, going to the Salmon Run menu only to get a “you can’t play this mode right now” screen. If they are bringing this back in Splatoon 3, i feel like they need to make it to where you can access this game mode all the time.
    2. Secondly, while I like the format of Salmon Run, I feel like this format can be expanded upon a little bit more to other a bit of variety to those who want to play it.
      1. First off, I think there should be different types of Salmon Runs for people to pick from. If you have ever played Call of Duty Zombies, you should know that pretty much the game keeps on going until your entire team gets downed. For Salmon Run, I would really like to see that be implemented in a separate playlist so to say. I would like to see them make an infinite Salmon Run for those who truly want to test their skills. And in this infinite Salmon Run, as each round goes on, the enemies get tougher and there are more of them you have to deal with. For me, I would really be interested in trying something like this out in Splatoon 3 just to see how far I could get. On top of that, they could incentivize people to play this game mode by offering different things for however far you and your team get.
    3. Last but not least, Salmon Run needs more maps to play on. Playing on the same map over and over again does get kind of tedious as time goes on. I feel like if they added more maps to Salmon Run, it would be better overall for the people who really enjoy the gamemode in general.

Overall Thoughts on Wish List:


Overall, I am really excited for Splatoon 3. Just from looking at the trailer, it definitely looks like there are some changes that are coming our way, and we probably will not find out what these changes are until closer to the date that the game is released. However, while Splatoon 2 is a good game, I think that Splatoon 3 needs to take it a step further, add some things to the game, take away some things from what held Splatoon 2 back, and they need to make Splatoon 3 different from the other two games. For me, the biggest question I have for Splatoon 3 is how are they going to make this game any different from the previous two games in the franchise? I know that they can make Splatoon 3 different, but it is definitely going to take some innovation from the developers. However, I feel like if they add some of the things I mentioned like: more maps, a map selection system, and some other small things here and there, they will definitely be on the right track to making Splatoon 3 the best game it can be!

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