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My quick thoughts/review on Warhammer Online, Return of Reckoning

Gamingtodaynews1g - My quick thoughts/review on Warhammer Online, Return of Reckoning

First off, i would like to hear what other people think of the game in the comments.

Ive been playing non stop since the thread from about 4 weeks ago advertising the x2 experience week. I have just about 200hrs logged in that time as ive fallen under its spell. This is just a few thoughts, nothing comprehensive , and i am still 100% a newb , even though i did play live back in the day, i never got to rank 40.

————Some good things:—————-

The classes in this game all feel very interesting, i keep getting a bad case of alt-itus because i want to keep playing a new class for a while after i try it.

The scenarios(battlegrounds) although are the same capture a point or capture a flag variants , they stay fresh because there are just so many different maps in the rotation , its hard to get bored of them.

The open world castle sieges and pvp i think is the best ive ever played. Imo its better than GW2 and its better than DAOC and its better than ESO. Yes it does break down into a lot of zerg ball warfare, but when you add in the seige weapons and defense weapons, it just has an epic feel to it that i dont find in other RVR games.

Graphics/art style are subjective, but i think they are a good combination of over the top, but not WoW or standard korean mmo over the top.

The pve zones although completely ignored are actually really interesting and atmospheric , its kind of a shame nobody really touches pve in this game.

The Devs absolutely seem to be trying to get things right. That being said, its a private team of volunteer so there is a little bit of server drama if you dig into the forums, but hey, thats to some degree on every private server.

Its free! And the population is big enough even in the NA time zone, that you can always find either RVR battles or Scenarios popping.

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I have only met, and ive kept track,, 3 assholes douchebags in the chat so far. This has to be one of the nicest online communities ive seen , maybe ever.

—————Some of the bad things.————

There are some bumps in the road when it comes to leveling. You level up and then once you hit level 31, you get moved into the bracket with the rank 40 players. Prepare to be completely soddomized for several levels until you can buy the mid 30's pvp set. It reminds me a lot of being a fresh level 60 in WoW, and heading into a battleground.

I personally find the attacks lack feedback to the user. I remember i didnt like this in live either, in WoW when you hit a player with a fireball, you get a nice audio, and visual feedback that really gives the spell a feeling of impact. This game lacks that to some degree.

Despite the classes being awesome, there are as expected, some overpowered builds/classes. And it can really feel disheartening sometimes to get destroyed without feeling like you had a chance to outplay your opponent. To this point many will say "but its a group pvp game, its not about 1v1 fights" . Yea its not, but they still happen occasionally.


Its a godamn shame that this game doesnt have more people playing it. It really is a must play for pvp fans. I see people waiting for games like Crowfall, and i just want to tell them that there is a free game you can play right now that already appears to be superior and a decade older!

Anyways, this is all just my thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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