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My thoughts on Final Fantasy XIV Online

Gamingtodaynews1e - My thoughts on Final Fantasy XIV Online

I'm here to just give my opinion on the game to warn others who might try to get into this game and save their time. This game has so much potential but just isn't. Also since I invested my time into this game, I wanted to share this and I hope this subreddit is the right avenue.

Objective gripes

  1. The game has queues in 2019 when a few other mmos don't require it. No excuse for this really given that the technology is available to fix this.
  2. 90% of the cut scenes are not even voice acted (why is this a thing? if they made a mistake why not fix it!?)
  3. Half of the questing and content in this game was just walking / getting to your destination for meaningless quests. This is worse than time-gating stuff and if you strip this time wastage then for every 3 hours you play, you only actually get 1 hour of actual content. Just let us get to the real content? if we want to explore boring maps we can always do that by choice.
  4. Skills that require hands to cast will interrupt when you use your legs to walk, why? It makes for very awful static combat.

Personal gripes

  1. They took those beloved peco pecos from Ragnarok online and butchered it into a "choco" bo. (wtf?)
  2. Community is awful. I had a female character and this other character came up to me and did something like "whistles at you". When I asked for basic help he just teleported away? that's not friendly at all. Other games like guild wars 2 have players literally standing at spawn (not 24/7 but very often) and gift you things like a few gold to make life easier.
  3. Any dissenting opinion to the community will never lead to a discussion to improve things and only goes to "ok bye" or "how dare you this is a 11/10 perfect game". Real mature guys. There is a youtuber named the lazy peon and he voiced his opinion on the game. What did the FFXIV community do? they briganded the video to the point that the lazy peon had to delete his video and censor himself. All I see is that the community makes self-defeating arguments like A. "endgame is where best content is at, rest sucks so don't judge it yet" and when you buy the skip B. "Omg why did you buy the start and midgame skip to reach endgame? you missed the whole game"

If the whole game sucks but only the "endgame is good" then just release a stand alone raiding game with lore movies on Youtube instead of this painful experience. Honestly, I'm thankful they allow a free trial till level 35 otherwise I would have had major buyers' remorse.

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