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My thoughts on Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (a rant)

Gamingtodaynews1f - My thoughts on Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (a rant)

Unpopular opinion so it seems, but I recently purchased the Witcher 3 and I regret it. I guess I wanted to share my opinion on some of the issues I witnessed in the game and encourage discussion.

Note that the only RPG games I played before this were Bloodborne, God of War, and AC Odyssey/Origins so I was already skeptical of this 5-year old game and how people said it still has potential in 2020. Like everyone, I was persuaded by the glorified reviews and the Netflix series, so I thought since people are praising this game I might as well get it since it was conveniently on sale on PS4.

Within 2 hours of gameplay which consisted of the first 2 or 3 quests and me trying to play Gwent, the most boring card game ever, these were the downsides I experienced:

– Dialogue is tedious; I never liked dialogue since I always thought it was a game developers' way of saying they can't make proper cinematic cutscenes and instead, bombard it with hour-long speeches consisting of minimal interaction and repetitive objectives.

– Controls are clunky; Seriously, it feels like I'm playing a 2000s MMO, Geralt looks and fights like Shrek, the combat is way too sensitive, swimming is practically pointless, horse-riding and galloping is terrible and Roach can't jump for shit. The worst movement system of any game I have ever played. I recently finished playing TLOU2 which had very smooth and seamless mechanics so I'm a bit biased.


– Graphics are utter trash; I'm on PS4, I'm sure PC players may be able to enhance it somehow, but this is the most boring and grey atmosphere I've seen, trees and vegetation have little detail, facial animations are waxy and blown out, even Yennefer looks unattractive. This is coming from someone who played Red Dead Redemption 2 which arguably has the best "western" open-world design and not to mention, HORSES THAT CAN ACTUALLY JUMP.

– Exploration is bloated; I know it's an open-world game but seriously, if you do explore it you'll miss out on half of the game's content and be spending double the time completing the main story, it's even worse that they make you level up before moving on to certain monsters/bosses required to advance your game completion. Some people genuinely want to experience the story and not waste time on tedious open-world antics.

Excuse the long post. Overall, I was really disappointed in this game, it was a waste of my money, and it didn't live up to the hype. Way more of a chore than a game, couldn't grasp the story or characters despite already seeing the Netflix series. I might play it again so I could try and rush through the main story, but regardless, I won't have much fun.

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