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NA TERA just absolutely demolished it’s economy and the GMs don’t care

Gamingtodaynews1e - NA TERA just absolutely demolished it's economy and the GMs don't care

So over at En Masse Entertainment's published version of TERA Online, they just did a real big oopsie. Let's start from the beginning to add context.

Every single day, players with elite status ($15 a month) get a redeemable box, you don't have to open this box, if you want to save it you could. Some people have been saving their boxes for months and maybe even years because there's just no real reason to open them unless you need a reset scroll.

With the next content patch, these reset scrolls were being removed and the dungeon entry system was being changed so you no longer had to reset them. As it usually goes, when an item becomes obsolete, they'll allow you to sell them to the merchant to make back the inherent value of these scrolls.

Now because these reset scrolls are only very easy to get in the North American version of the game, the price for selling these scrolls to the merchant in Korea was upwards of 40,000 gold per box (although they didn't have the boxes, just giving an imaginary value as if they did have the boxes), which is quite a lot. That could probably afford me one enchant attempt on my weapon at a moderately high enchant level. Eventually when this system came to the EU version first, the prices were decreased down to about 10k per box. Reasonable but considering the supply of these boxes in NA, this is still extremely good. So NA people realizing that we often get the exact same build as EU, started opening all of their elite boxes to get as many reset scrolls as possible for free money.

The day of the patch finally comes and for some god forsaken reason, instead of taking 3 hours for maintenance, it took over 9 hours, no one has any idea what was going wrong and we were given zero information outside of "please be patient :)". People login and scramble to sell their reset scrolls, but something is off. The prices for selling the scrolls to the merchant, were based on Korea's prices. Yes, that's right, people were selling each box they opened for over 40,000 gold.
9xPxq4s - NA TERA just absolutely demolished it's economy and the GMs don't care

Here's an example of what somebody made off this mishap. Some people made even more than this, I've heard people claim to have made over 50,000,000 gold from this.

But it didn't end there, as soon as people realized this, they IMMEDIATELY started buying out literally everything on the trade broker. Tradeable gear was bought out, enchanting materials had their price increase from 70g per to over 2,000g per. Really good costumes were completely bought out. OP mounts that give stats like 2x crit were all completely bought out.

It took over 10 hours before the prices for the scrolls were set back to what they were meant to be. So hundreds, if not thousands of people likely made millions of gold with zero effort at all and zero input. If a new player wanted to get into the game now, it would be impossible, they would never be able to farm as much gold as someone who was around for this. Everything will be hyper inflated as hell.

But we aren't finished, there was also a lesser known duping exploit that was fixed fairly fast. There's these items called semi-enigmatic scrolls, you could dismantle them for 800 metamorphic tokens, but in the shop for metamorphic tokens, you could buy semi-enigmatic scrolls for 25 tokens per. Meaning you could indefinitely dismantle these items. You could buy golden talents from this shop, meaning you could buy an infinite amount of enchanting materials. Fortunately, this exploit was patched within half an hour of the server going up so people didn't manage to get a TON, but I've still seen pictures of people's banks with over 10 MILLION metamorphic tokens and a ton of golden and silver talents.

So what's the course of action that should very obviously happen as a result of this? Well, OBVIOUSLY, a fucking rollback. Immediately. As soon as fucking possible. But nope, the patch has been live for about 16 hours now. People have been grinding the new level cap of 70, and some people will have tons of progress made already.
9ds5zar - NA TERA just absolutely demolished it's economy and the GMs don't care

The GMs posted this on Discord saying there will not be a rollback. They can't even ban perpetrators because LITERALLY EVERYONE did it.

Anyways, tl;dr time:

Game devs made an extremely common item sell to the merchant for a large sum of gold, entire market place was bought out, economy is in complete shambles. Also let people dupe items for 30 minutes. We had a 9 hour long maintenance, yet this still happened. Unlikely that there will be a rollback.

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