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NC sues whale player who spent 3.5M USD in LineageM

Gamingtodaynews1g - NC sues whale player who spent 3.5M USD in LineageM

NCsoft, the second largest video game company well known for lineageM and lineage2M sued a player after 'rollback' incident.

This case starts with a patch that was intended to decrease the gap between the whales and middle class players. However, the whales already spent millions of dollars to upgrade their 'patterns' which gives stats boost to your character, and they complained to the devs saying they are going to mass pvp and kill players if they don't rollback the patch.

NC decided to rollback their patch, and the problem rises during this process. All the players who upgraded their 'patterns' after the initial patch got scammed by the company and spend millions of dollars because they thought the increase of probability will be a permanent thing, and I would think this way if I was the player of LineageM.

The important thing is that THE PLAYERS WOULD NOT HAVE SPENT THE MONEY IF THE PROBABILITY IS LOW. NC just made players to open their wallet, and when they spend millions of dollars on game, they rollback and gave the game currency back, forcing them to use the currency for something that has unreasonably low probability.

NC uses diamond as their currency. In order to upgrade the 'patterns', you must spend diamond and certain amount of holy water. Rather than NC giving players a refund, they gave them game currency for the refund. If the players received 100% refund on their diamond, it would not be a big as a problem. However, NC gave back only half of the diamond and gave the holy water as the rest, which has ZERO value in the market.


A player who spent 3.5M in game got furious and called the customer center, which was closed 24/7 because of the COVID-19. So the player went to the NC headquarters three times in a row to meet the NC executive regarding this issue, but people from NC never showed up. The player just wasted three days, so he got mad and blocked the entrance of the parking lot. Yet, people from NC did not show up, but rather, they called the police.

Now the police is holding the case, NC had two options: reach a settlement or sue the player in court. Without any communication, NC decided to sue the player, and this is currently causing madness in Korean video game community.

This is the reality of Korean video game companies. Even a dog will have better treatment than these players. Players have lost their rights to deserve a good service. It is scary how companies became the king and players became the servants. No other industries that sell goods will treat their customers like this.

Don't play NC games or play f2p because they are group of thieves trying to plunder money from the players.

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