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Neverwinter Combat Rework Controversy – proof that ‘players’ are the cause of the MMORPG’s decline?

Gamingtodaynews1b - Neverwinter Combat Rework Controversy - proof that 'players' are the cause of the MMORPG's decline?

So, after the last "combat update" in Neverwinter there's a tonne of controversy from the online community ( to make a change,lol). I thought I'd give you the 'unpopular' view:

I've played this game on/off over the years and could never really stick to it due to how wafer thin, goofy and pointless the content felt. However for the first time ever, I am actually thoroughly enjoying the dungeons and overworld content of this game.

Prior to the combat update it played like this:

-Join Dungeon
– Max level guy runs off ahead with 150% speed buff, you're still at the start with no way to catch him
– max level dude oneshots everything
– You plod along and occasionally join the party to open the hard checkpoints, essentially doing nothing.
– Overworld content was essentially cookie clicker- Click **** and it instantly dies.
– You basically just log in for some max level dude to drag you through a daily, then log out

With combat update:

– Actually have to play your roles in the dungeon
– Fight together, or die alone
– Mechanics actually matter; Move out of AoE, use your block button (first time I've had to do this lmao)
– Gear makes a tangible difference
– Fights feel visceral, you have to actually think about the combat strategy
– Now you log in to play a co-op MMO with your pals, where co-op actually matters(mfw this is a bad thing?)

I'm having a fantastic time; yet the entire online community seems to be having a fit because the "cookie clicker" elements of the game are being repealed – Demanding the patch is rolled back immediately


Please don't consider this a shill thread; Neverwinter absolutely has major problems with p2w and it's insidious predatory cash shop which make it hard to recommend for anyone who would play it more than casually.

I just thought it was an interesting observation of the "modern MMO playerbase" and how they need to be catered for. It seems they don't really want to play a game, as much as be tied to a dopamine drip and have the game play itself for them whilst the numbers inflate.

TL;DR – Gear and content has now been balanced for co-op. Existing playerbase is mad it no longer plays like a mindless phonegame.

EDIT 1: The Title should say "mmorpg GENRES decline" – Not just neverwinter in particular. This post is an observation of what the lowest common denominator is these days, and how it likes it's bread buttered. NOT a flag waving exercise of "my team" vs "your team" -I am not a hardcore Neverwinter player and you do not have to defend it here; If they change it back it isn't really going to affect me. That said, I am very much enjoying it since the rework 😉

EDIT 2: In defence of (some) the playerbase. Some folk are stating rational and fair concern that the scaling of the rework has made soloing incredibly difficult on some builds; I have tested some out and I agree.However this does not change that the overall incoherent mess of a consensus by the core players on the forums or other social media is simply that people are just mad they cannot "farm" or breeze through content anymore.

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    Feb 19, 2021 12:38 am

    The greatest thing about this game was that I could solo it. Mechanics were meaningful, dodge bosses attacks don’t stand in blah. I like being able to progress a character. And, I hate having to rely on others for success. So, mechanics that detract from purposeful solo play is a bad thing. So many MMO’s out there where you need others to succeed in any content. This wasn’t one of em. And, it was glorious. Perhaps, an settings option where if you want it to be more cumbersome and reliant on others than enable the suckfest. Which, if it was an option the vast majority wouldn’t enable.

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