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Neverwinter, TERA or TESO….or maybe something else?

Gamingtodaynews1g - Neverwinter, TERA or TESO....or maybe something else?

Hi all,

the last "real" mmorpg I played was AION…after that I moved over to console gaming.

On console I played Tera, TESO and Neverwinter but didn't really enjoy it without the actual social aspect of mmorpgs without text chat.

I currenmtly am looking for a new (or old) mmorpg to play and one to commit my time to.

I'm currently unemployed for medical reasons so I have a lot of time to burn, especially since Anthem and TD2 are no longer options either.

I actually enjoyed both Tera and Neverwinter from the gameplay aspect. In Tera I never reached "endgame" but heard it would be massively p2w, same in Neverwinter.

TESO would be an option but I heard their item shop is rather abusive too and as a new player, I feel overwhelmed by the different editions, DLCs and expansions and then there is ESO plus on top of it.

All I'm looking for is a game with group focused gameplay, dungeons, different roles and not too dated graphics but able to run on my PC (R5 1600, 8GB RAM, 1050ti).

I currently favor teso, player numbers seem decent, game just did get a new expansion, graphics are good looking but I'm somewhat turned away by the different editions in the steam shop as well as the "need" to sub to teso plus.

Don't get me wrong, I generally have no issues with paying for a monthly sub, but I feel the way the game is set up is some sort of cash grab, which I dislike.

Like: I can buy the base game for 20 bucks and then sub for 15 more, but then I don't have access to the latest content and the new class.


If I buy the recent edition with the Elsweyr content, I won't have access to all the DLCs apparently, and have to sub on top of it anyways.

While part of the content that is in the Elsweyr edition also is part of the sub anyways.

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So I dunno, I'm old and haven't followed the MMORPG genre much in the last years and am not really up to date in regards to the titles people play nowadays.

What would be my best option?

Basically, what I want:

  • decently looking, but not too heavy on low end PCs (1050ti, 8GB RAM, R5 1600)

  • social

  • group focused

  • I don't mind grind but I dislike heavy p2w mechanics

  • I hate bots and goldspam

  • idc whether f2p or with sub or b2p

  • should have active community and expected to be a popular game for some longer time so time investment will turn out in the long run with being able to reach endgame etc, should be PVE focused but I don't mind faction warfare for example

  • games I liked playing in the genre: Silkroad Online, 2Moons/ Dekaron, AION, TERA, TESO

What game should I give a try? Or maybe is there a new game on the horizon that would fit my needs?

Tks in advance everyone.

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