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New ammo for weaknesses? And “new” crafting in RE8? Speculation

Gamingtodaynews1b - New ammo for weaknesses? And "new" crafting in RE8? Speculation

Besides everything else that just looked beautiful, and spectacular including that inventory system, two things that really stuck out to me were new, or different, ammo types particularly alluded to from the pre-order bonuses, and the "new" crafting system. And Im curious as to where this is leading us, and could be grounds for new speculation on the game.

First up, the ammo. I couldnt help but notice that in the promotional material for the game, specifically the pre-order bonus for the most base version of the game, the Survival Resource Pack. Link to what it looks like here:
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There are 2 new ammo types, or what seems to be new ammo types. In RE7, RE2 and RE3 remake, they recycled the ammo type model assets and so all were pretty uniform and consistent throughout all the latest RE games. But in this we see completely different ammo. At first I thought the green box was your typical shotgun shells and would let you have access to more of its ammo type earlier in the game, but if you look at the box its actually labeled "Eagleye". And while below that in the yellow, you can see the partially spelled out words "Shot Sh~", in the previous mentioned titles, the brand of all the shotgun ammo in the green boxes have been "Steel Boy". So perhaps this new ammo type for the shotgun holds a different purpose? There is also the other ammo in the picture, Silver Wolf. In a red box which typically indicates basic Handgun ammo, but just like with the shotgun ammo, all the basic handgun ammo in the most recent RE games have all been one consistent brand, Maximum Standard. I mean, they could have switched brands for the new region. Its perfectly plausible, and theyve done it before. In RE4 and RE5 the ammo brand for handguns was Red Hawk, and in RE6 it was Red Wing, and so on, but it seems a little too on the nose that this ammo is called "Silver Wolf" and we have a werewolf like enemy in the game, which in lore are typically weak to silver. Possibly hinting that this ammo is most effective at taking down these types of enemies over the standard ammo. So you should conserve these for these enemies, and swap to the regular ammo for default enemies, or if you REALLY need to in case you just dont have any silver bullets on you. Possibly, just like the GM 79 in RE2 remake, or the MGL in RE3 remake, you will be able to swap between ammo types seemlessly with the push of a button like how you could swap between Acid, Flame, and Explosive Rounds with those guns. Theres also the fact that the dev presenting the game during the event said that each of the individual enemies held their own unique behaviours, so potentially they also have their own unique set of challenges and weaknesses too. Kind of reminds me of the Iron Maidens from RE4. Uniquely different from the rest of the enemy types in not only behaviour and how they attacked, but also how you had to approach them. You could fire off a bunch of rounds into them until you downed them which would likely deplete all your resources…or you could come prepared and use the infrared scope to pinpoint its exact weakpoints and down it in 3-4 hits with precision shots. This actually makes me even more excited for the game, because it gives a bit of a supernatural folklore hunting vibe to the game, which has been lacking in industry for while. Not specially RE, but surprisingly we havent gotten this that much from any title where we got to face werewolves or hunt them.


As for the crafting bit, this part kind of confused me. I know it was more pseudo-crafting than actual crafting in previous RE titles, but we have always kind of had it in some form of another. Granted, it was always pretty basic and straight to the point, but it was there. But the way they brought it up and talked about it in the presentation made it seem like RE8 was getting a bonafide crafting system. However, the only examples he presented were for ammo and first aid, which is pretty much what we have always been doing…but maybe now its on a deeper degree? They did say the enemies will now drop money and materials. So it could be believed that we will be doing a lot more crafting than we ever have in past RE games. But right now Im just confused as to why its being coined so much when as far as I can tell, we have always kind of had it.

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