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— New and growing Survival/Adventure Persistent Browser RPG —

Gamingtodaynews1f - -- New and growing Survival/Adventure Persistent Browser RPG --

Hey all,

I posted about this game 2 months ago and there has been a lot of update and improvements so I thought I would share it again.

index - -- New and growing Survival/Adventure Persistent Browser RPG --

What is it?

  • New survival/adventure persistent browser RPG (launched in 2019)
  • Community is about 300 daily actives at the moment and growing day by day. Many are very good roleplayers.
  • 100% free, no microtransaction, no pay-to-win, no ads. Philosophy is that it's a game made by RPG passionates for RPG passionates
  • Universe is unique and original.
  • You pick one of 8 tribes, each with very specific pros and cons (different stat profiles, spells, movement, skill preferences etc)
  • There are 14 different weapon skills you can choose and 12 'general skills' (blacksmithing, tailoring, sorcery, seeking, fleeing, alchemy etc)
  • All players are in the process of colonizing an inhabited island where everything wants to kill you. You can even terraform some areas
  • Atm the players are divided in 2 main factions that are at war (+1 neutral one). The PvP aspect is really interesting, with different tactics and overall teamwork and coordination is super important.
  • The devs are very active, I have already seen a lot of new features being added regularly. There are a lot of nice PvP or PvE events like dragon hunts, armies, tournaments, lokust plagues, special events etc…
  • For those who don't like PvP, there is a strong PvE scene as well (species collecting, spirit catching, quests, etc) and a neutral faction.

What is new?

  • A new player walk-through helps to guide the first steps
  • An improved market/trading system
  • A new more powerful server as the old one was getting laggy with the increasing playerbase
  • New quests added
  • New events happened / are coming up
  • More items and crafting recipes added

I don't know what other information to give but if you have any question please don't hesitate to comment or PM.

If you join, don't hesitate to contact my character ingame (Mutuwa) for any guidance. I am a co-leader of a Group that specializes in the welcoming of new recruits.


I hope some people will find this post useful and maybe give the game a try 🙂

Screenshots (taken with authorization from the game home page):

Using the link above grants me and you some in-game bonuses (referral program). If you wish to not use the referral link, you can use this one instead:

Have a great day,


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