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New F2P title “Don’t Even Think”. I played a few rounds, here is what I gathered so far.

Gamingtodaynews1b - New F2P title "Don't Even Think". I played a few rounds, here is what I gathered so far.

After playing a few rounds, here is what the game is actually about:

It's essentially a Battle Royale, with a team of werewolves put in each match. Humans are put in 3 person squads, who fight it out against each other.

So basically from the start menu, you queue up as a human or werewolf(obviously, werewolves have longer queue times).

For Humans

Once you get in a match, you drop out of a plane(your squad will be marked on map), find stuff to loot(I dont think items are out in the open, they are all located inside wooden crates). These crates contain weapons, armor, silver bullets, occasional food(more on this later) + first aid kits. It's a BR, nothing too fancy there.

As a human, you also have to deal with the weather. Cold weather will lower your body temperature, and once it gets to a certain point, will start dealing damage to you over time. How to counter this? Eating food you find(either in crates or harvest from trees) or finding a heat source. Occasionally you will run across either campfires or buildings with fireplaces, ignite these to bring up body temperature.

Basically survive long enough until the map tells you what location to evacuate from(this takes awhile, and most likely Werewolves will be camping there waiting for you make a move.)


As mentioned before, there are 3 werewolves per match. You all start in your human form, you have a little bit of speed, but you have no weapons to start. There are melee weapons(all I found are machetes in tree stumps) that you can use.

Eventually night time hits and you transform into a wolf. Eat bodies to unlock skills or regain HP. Again, you are much faster than humans, but be careful, Silver bullets hurt. Best idea is too look out for campfire/fireplace smoke, because Humans need to keep body temperatures up. You will be able to tell where the escape chopper is at the end of the match, but don't get too close, because the chopper will shoot you.


Sorry for the long text, but with a new free to play release, I wanted to be thorough. Here are the positives/negatives for me:


  • Werewolves can be entertaining to play, more for you to do with skills and whatnot.

  • Addition of werewolves add a challenging element to Humans, because you could be in a firefight when all of the sudden you have werewolves pop up to ruin your fun.

  • Matches don't take that long, around 10 minutes.

  • There is currency you can buy with real money, but so far it looks to be cosmetic items. I'm fine with that.


Temperature mechanic is interesting, especially with campfires+fireplaces scattered throughout the map, but at the same time, I feel like it may be a bit too punishing.


  • It is an ugly looking game. No way of sugar coating it lol.

  • Shooting registry isn't great either. You will notice it more when you down a player.

  • Items are located in only crates it seems, not scattered on the floor like other BRs.

  • Control scheme seems iffy for me. When you pick up a weapon, you have to reload(which is fine). The problem is it is the same button as picking up items(Square), if you are in a hurry, it can be a nuisance.

  • Humans seem to have a huge disadvantage once the evacuation sequence starts, since the werewolves can just camp right near the evac zone.

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