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New school runescape and the flawed ban system

Gamingtodaynews1b - New school runescape and the flawed ban system

EDIT: This is a semi long read and some links I've gathered before, years ago, no longer work. Like the first one listed here. I'm not sure what happened to it, probably deleted to cover their ass, who knows. But googling leads to multiple people linking the 'Macro ban review and false positives march 2017'/

115001643409 Macro Ban Reviews and False Positives March 2017 - New school runescape and the flawed ban system

this recently being put out, it's time to try again.

I got banned from Runescape for doing nothing but using my touch screen laptop to move my character. That's all I did. I got disconnected and in the exact same point of time, banned twice for macroing. This happened before, except that time the Runescape client browser had conflicted with Avast, an antivirus program, and again, banned me twice at the same moment in time. That one was fixed, but I got no word on the second one.

Now since Runescape/Jagex has no email to contact them directly for banned players (very unprofessional), I took to Twitter. I was told by various Mods that were legit affiliated with Runescape to 'wait for the appeal thread.' So fast forward from November of last year to March of this year and!! Oh, it wasn't a ban appeal thread. The thread was only there for stating that they would help the people who got hacked. So the mods not only lied to me, but wasted my time. (this all happened 2+yrs ago at the time of trying this)

I've played Runescape on and off for years. Did everything myself on my account; no one else ever accessed it. Paid for 4 months of memberships a few years ago, stopped playing for a year or so, came back to get into the swing of things in order to adjust to everything that's changed, just to get banned for nothing.

Which brings me to now. There's no official way to contact Jagex/Runescape officials when you're banned besides the shitty business practice of using twitter which as I stated, is also useless since they just give you a cookie cutter paste response every time. And I am not the first legit player to be banned.

Runescapes FAQs for bans are a blatant lie. There is no human reviewing process when it's all automated by a system. And if systems were perfect then the world might be a better place without identity theft and what not.

There is multiple proof to back this up.

  • Example 1 See section: Botwatch rogue banning glitch
  • Example 2 This post itself also contains a lot of evidence.
  • Example 3 Evidence in different comment sections.
  • Example 4 One part in here perfectly describes what's happened to me. "But, there has been an awful lot of tweets about how people have been banned, and very soon after, unbanned, and then soon after that, banned again, (Bot detection system banning, then a JMod manually unbanning, then the bot detection system banning again.)"
  • Example 5 Another falsely banned player, but they got the luck of being unbanned.

The support page for bans on macroing is "We do not process appeals, tickets or emails about any of the ban types mentioned above. We will not enter into debate these types of bans on our forums, social media or through any other method of communication." However, as you scroll down the page: "We do not remove innocent players from our game, as there is no benefit to us in doing so." Yet, as some of the examples above prove, that is false.

Even a JMod had said that the botwatch system is 100% accurate. Which clearly it's not.


Following that up, there's this page under the spoiler tab 'My account has been banned': "The evidence is also reviewed by two specialist members of staff to ensure the ban is not only correct, but is proportionate to the offence committed. " So you're telling me that 2 people instantly slapped me with a double ban in the same point in time, just moments after I logged on? Damn these guys work fast! Or, maybe the automated process does since if this was true, I wouldn't have been banned before when Avast conflicted the Runescape client browser. Nice job on the 'Two specialist members' reviewing it.

Reading the end of the spoiler, Jagex officials refuse to talk about bans in any way, shape or form no matter what you do. They're so self assured that they could never be wrong, that they don't need to respond to anyone. Not free players. Not past members and not currently paying members. How can you be so confident when, in this world, real an innocent people are sent to jail for years before they're proven innocent? Some innocent people have even been sent to death row; and that's our legal system, for Christ's sake! You think your automated program is better than that?

My list of offensives/bans:

As you can see, I got banned twice on the 10th of November last year. That was the Avast the problem. Then 8 days later, oh look, an identical spam ban when I didn't do a damn thing besides log in and move via using my touch screen.

I really would love to see the proof for the ban on the 18th, but they refuse to give it to me. They refuse to respond in a human manner. This isn't the first time this has happened, as clearly shown. It also won't be the last time either.

I know people who have legitimately botted have tried to get unbanned/taking advantage of what Runescape used to offer. But they ruined it for the innocent people this actually does happen to.

I just want my account unbanned so I know it's my choice in not playing the game. Not because of a bunch of lies and a shitty automated process. I've played since 07 up until 2015 (for obvious reasons) Edit 2: Bonus thread

I have waited years for ANYTHING to happen. Because really, what kind of business model/practice is this. Let people refute if they can! That's how stuff works in life; that's how god damn court trials go. I can't get a picture of the money my account had (but I was taking advantage of, at the time, selling feathers I think for quite a pretty penny) and my stats. As well know bots do 1 thing, be it mining, fishing or woodcutting, so on and so forth. They don't talk. They don't do quests. They don't play mini games. They don't do holiday events. THEY DON"T have a list of friends, as it remains blank. THEY DON'T have a coherent name. And they sure as fuck don't have multiple skills leveled, but only a single one.

Whether this gains traction or not, who knows. But sincerely, fuck you Jagex and your shitty banning ways with your shitty MTX out the wazoo. Seeing
Rudepopcorn - New school runescape and the flawed ban system

u/Rudepopcorn post in this subreddit makes me hopeful that at least I'm posting this to the right place.

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