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New TMNT game when? And if I had to offer a suggestion to the future dev/studio it would be Metroidvania, or Sly-like

Gamingtodaynews1b - New TMNT game when? And if I had to offer a suggestion to the future dev/studio it would be Metroidvania, or Sly-like

There are a few constants in the media, and one of those things is TMNT popping up every now and then in the form of either a new game or movie. As far as games go, not including mobile only titles or cameos in other games like Injustice 2 or Nickelodeon Kart Racers, the last actual TMNT game we got was released in 2016. And there have been rumblings of a new one on the horizon. And if I could toss my hat in the ring for a suggestion I would say the game should ditch the traditional TMNT game style of being a brawler, and either be a Metroidvania style game, or like the Sly Cooper series.

With Metroidvania, I imagine the game going as follows, it could either be 2D or 3D, with some platforming sprinkled here and there, but primarily in order to incorporate all the turtles but keep that progression feel it would kind of be like DK64. You start out as a base turtle, probably Mickey, and all your other brothers have been capture by the big boss, probably Krang or Shredder. You rescue your brothers and as you rescue each of them, new abilities and avenues for getting through places are unlocked. Just like in DK64 when you rescued one of your Kongs and got access to new areas because of abilities only those Kongs could use like Tinys shrinking, Chunkys boulder lifting strength, Lankys aerial dynamics, etc. This would allow you the same. Possibly when you rescue Donnie you can use him to hack you into areas you couldnt before, Raph could use his rage to break previous unbreakable obstacles, and Leo could decipher scripts of wall text or something. And just like DK64 you would be able to swap between characters, whether this is on the fly or you have to access a port to be able to do so is purely dev choice, but allowing this would also allow you to switch up character styles since each would most likely have a different combat style allowing for more player choice and versatility.


With the Sly concept in mind, if the game decided to take this route instead, it could offer up the opportunity taking down enemy heists before getting to the primary objective. A Sly game has a very simple, yet effective, formula that it follows that could easily be mimicked by a TMNT title. It goes; Each member does their part towards the bigger goal, the big heist, boss battle. Its kind of like any heist movie you would see. The individual members each play their respective role towards a bigger role in ultimately completing the heist. They dont do it all together at once, but rather each plays a seperate role in making the whole thing come together at the end. The first beat of a Sly Cooper game is that each member of the gang has a set of mission that only they can perform because of their special tasks and abilities. Bentley, the brains, uses devices and his smarts to sabotage and game knowledge on the primary enemy of that area. Murray, the muscle, uses his…muscle, to get the heavy lifting done and clear obstacles for Sly and the gang later on, and Sly does little reconnaissance along the way. All the while you are able to upgrade each character further to make doing certain things simpler in between. After doing all the character individual missions in that area, you hit the next beat; the big heist. This is where you and the gang infiltrate the enemy stronghold for the prize. This leads up to a confrontation with the boss before moving on to the next area, and the next area, until you get the final boss of the game. A TMNT title already essentially has this as the turtles always possess in both the shows and movies their own individual talents that help them get the better of their enemies, usually the Foot. Allow the players to play each individual turtle with their own unique mission types set up because of their personality and role, with progressive upgrades in between, before leading up to the big heist like finale of that territory where they ultimately end up fighting some kind of boss from TMNT massive rogues gallery, all the while disrupting the plans of their ultimate bad guy.

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